Today's message is about training for endurance. What do I mean by this? When you make time for stillness meditation, it is important that you make a regular habit of quiet contemplation to allow the spiritual muscle to be flexed and nourished so that it may grow and serve you as the thirst for greater awareness increases. Many of you say that you just cannot still the mind, that stillness is nigh impossible. I say to you that you are not practicing meditation with any regular frequency, for if you were to make time every day, you would see steady progress in your ability to quiet the mind and enjoy blissful moments of joy and empowerment in communion with the Creator of all. Have you not noticed how many of these spirit teachings from the Circle and other teachers frequently advise the practice of stillness? Nearly every lesson has a brief statement that encourages stillness meditation. Have faith in the stillness my friends, it is good for you and it is good for those that live and work around you.

— Teacher Ophelius