A Testament for Light and Life

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Greetings, my dear students,

It remains to be seen whether or not a world in rebellion shall ever recover without having to go through some kind of redemption plan to move it  through the threshold of its current state of repeatable dysfunction, delinquency, and war-like behavior.  There are many of you within the community of spirit-led believers--agondonters and alike, that are firmly on the side of a "hands-off" policy by the planetary managers and celestial administrators of the universe to see that Urantia "digs out" of  its problems without intervention by the Universal Father.  You rightly believe that intervention is interference in the free-will prerogative in this age of the Supreme.  None the less, we administrators and planetary managers have a duty to inform light workers (boots on the ground) and to keep the flow of revelation ongoing even in the face of skepticism and cynical opinions.

My presence here is a testament that Light and Life is coming to Urantia, for Trinity Teachers do speak to light workers in an age prior to Light and Life, but they often refrain from making public statements. If Urantia was going to "tough it out" through the generations that would be needed to purge the stain of rebellion from its thinking  (people), social systems, and governments, my colleagues and I would be on vacation for centuries more.  We find it disturbing how much of your resources are used for the development of new and terrifying weapons systems that could utterly destroy Urantia many times over, yet you still have people uneducated and in want of basic needs--a shameful misuse of unbridled freedom and free-will driven by the profit motive of selfish vested interests--an iron-fist system that has no intention of ever letting go of its stronghold on power.

We also find that there are "blockages" in Christ Michael's own receivers to bring through any kind of revelation for fear that the skeptics will devour them with scoffing and a litany of sanctioned references to make certain that their lips are sealed and to corral them into regurgitating the same warm and fuzzy baby food they are used to swallowing.  These may sound like harsh words coming from a Trinity Teacher, but let me remind you--we (Trinity Teachers) are here to serve truths that reflect the policies of Christ Michael and the Triumvirate according to the special needs of their respective planet.  Nothing about Urantia is "normal" and it does require extraordinary countermeasures to move it past its delusions and inbred destructive self-fulfilling prophecies.  Need I remind you what the fate of the prophets of old were and how the final bestowal of Michael turned out?  Nothing much has changed in millenniums--the money changers are still in the temple.

There are events on the horizon that we want you to be aware of so you can be prepared.  In any planet that has been settled in Light and Life--the planetary systems of those worlds have been "settled" and you may look to your reference text and see that this is so.  I am not here to frighten you or to be a sensationalizing fortune teller.  We shall continue to teach those things that bring peace in a world at war with itself, but we shall also point the way to refuge when it concerns those that are destined to take part in the coming age.  We shall not be silenced by fear and you can expect that we will "chime-in" when needed.

In the coming weeks and months we (the celestial administration) will attempt to provide some level of coherence from Christ Michael's receivers to keep revelation from being quelled.  It is important that we stay connected to you in these extraordinary times.

Peace to you,

I AM Uteah

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