The Subtle Quake of Dissonance

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

There are many good and faithful followers of religion on Urantia that are dedicated to the doing of Father's Will.  It is to be noted that many of these dedicated followers do embody the tenants of their faith and try to lead lives that are in accordance with their religious beliefs.  They believe that they are doing Father's Will and many good services do they provide in helping their fellows who are in need of spiritual guidance and help dealing with the rigors of life.  Religions are important to the development of spiritual thought and may become a force of good when the intentions of the group are genuinely caring for the betterment of souls on Urantia.  As Urantia enters the enlightened eras of Light and Life, religions will begin to unify seeing the benefits of brotherhood when they support the intersecting values that all humans share. To get there, they will need to look at what divides them and come to an understanding that will require the revision of some rigidly held dogmas. Revision can only come about when followers begin questioning the authority of beliefs that feel discordant within their own souls.

This kind of revision is not new and has happened throughout the evolution of religion on Urantia. There have been many courageous people throughout history that questioned the authority of religion at a time when it was dangerous to do so. They felt compelled by their Inner Guidance to appeal to their fellows that "something was not right." Since independent thinking is mostly no longer punishable by death, as it once was, the evolution of religion may begin to change at a faster rate.  In the "spirit" of these courageous pundits, men and women of faith will need the courage to question those things that "do not feel right" and communicate to their fellows that it is not a transgression to have questions.

Truth will always stand on its own and will not need a dogma to keep its value.  Truth speaks to the heart and not the head.  The head can only reason with the truth and apply it to the circumstances of life. The Spirit of Truth functions in the hearts of all those who desire to to be led by Father's Will. Adherence to fear based dogmas is not a desire for truth, but an obedience to "group think" without question.  Father's Spirit lives within each person and therefore will always bear witness to the Spirit of Truth and the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  The "ears" of Father's Spirit are in the heart and you can use these ears to hear when receiving some religious instructions and discern if or where the error is--it strikes a chord of dissonance--something that is "out of tune" with the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that lives within you.  

Learn to recognize this subtle quake of dissonance within your heart and question the source of the information you are receiving--even unto the very document you are reading now.  For some, the yoke of obedience is louder than the subtle voice of the heart and it will take more time and circumstance to discern the truth.  Understand that you have all been on a journey where you are ever trading one truth for another--defining and redefining what is true for you.  It is a process--you cannot go from the cradle to the embrace of Finality in one moment, and it takes courage and curiosity to move from one place to another.  Discernment is an ongoing process of growth, but one that needs to be exercised.  Adherence to a static truth without question moves you nowhere.  

The one sure constant in the Grand Universe is change--it is how you move from the cradle to the embrace of Finality.  Love is an unchangeable constant.  Your understanding of it is immature and will need revision to move you from a lessor understanding to a greater understanding.  It is also a choice and regardless of your understanding of it, the choice of love over hate or ill will is always a choice that leads to growth and greater understanding.

Choose love,

I AM Uteah

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