What does being "Guided in Light" really mean?

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Being "Guided in Light" means you are trusting in faith that your Indwelling Spirit, your guardians, and other guides are seeing that you are growing in character and in the likeness of your Creator Father.  This sounds very straight forward, but in reality, this is something that needs much consideration because many of you fail to see that character growth comes with disillusionment and a realization that what you believed to be true turned out to be a lesson in humility.  These hard lessons in life are not always given as a way to "beat you up" and make you strong, but they are meant to get you to slow down and use your insights and discernment to hold decisions up to light--applying Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to the situation and possible outcomes before acting on them.  Being "Guided in Light" means you are to be an equal partner with Guidance and "Apply Light" to your thoughts, decisions, and actions.  

When the application of light is willingly and consciously applied by you, according to the maturity of your spiritual development, your Indwelling Spirit and your guidance teams can come in and bring the most value to your inner thoughts and decision making.  Being "guided" means just that--you are moved along a path that you will ultimately choose when you consider the consequences of your actions before taking them.  Guidance will point to those things you have learned when goodness was applied that turned out well.  Being caught up in the emotions of the moment when there is confusion and misunderstandings may almost certainly lead to a hard lesson in the making.  When this occurs, the entire guiding process has been circumvented by your own need to be right without considering the outcomes or the greater good of all parties involved.

A "wise person" is someone who has learned many lessons and came to the realization that when he or she slowed down in the moment of an emotional exchange and applied light, that the outcomes were more favorable to their own growth and the greater overall good for those involved in the exchange.  This is not easy and it takes time, patience, and perseverance to benefit from "wise choices."  How do you apply light?  A good starting point is to apply the "Golden Rule."  As simple as this sounds, it is one of the most difficult things to do because it means you have to be accountable for your actions before you take them!

You can think about it as using your imagination to bring light into the equation and seeing the outcome before it happens--like playing in the sandbox, you develop the solution by allowing the creative mind to test different situations and how those situations may turn out in reality.  This creative process is where your guidance teams can come in and participate and show you the potential outcomes.  Then you pick the most favorable path you created in your sandbox and use it as your sovereign decision.  Wisdom comes from seeing which things worked as planned in the sandbox and which did not.  Experience then tells you to choose a workable solution or go back to the sandbox for a more creative approach.  Guidance will always point to the path that is best--it will be your work to do to look at all the options and decide.

A world settled in Light and Life is born from a majority of its citizens applying this simple consideration before acting on a decision.  World peace will come from such a simple consideration in humility and in the application of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  It is not afar off and it can only come about when you make it a priority to use your energy to consciously use the litmus test of light and apply it to all your decisions.

Choose wisely--the survival of humanity and the quality of your future depends on your wise choices,

I AM Uteah

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