Living in Immersive Faith

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Faith is the greatest attribute a human personality can realize.  It is the actualization of true peace in knowing you are more than a mere animal, but a partner with divinity itself.  Faith is the unification of human experience with divine expression.  Faith naturally results from the "allowing" of the human mind to express confidence in the divine assurance of personality survival.  Faith is the bridge that provides the avenue of approach with the Indwelling Presence of Spirit in human experience.  For without faith, the actualization of Spirit in human experience is blocked from attaining manifestation. Faith is the indicator that Spirit abides within you and is guiding and leading you to higher levels of personality realization.  How do all these definitions of faith help you?  

If you were to take a poll and ask a group of people, "What does faith mean to you?"  Many would relate it to religious beliefs and philosophic understandings about the human condition and the challenges of living in a world of good and evil--a way to find a spiritual antidote to problems of human suffering.  There are many definitions we could pull from these understandings of faith, but within the lexicon of all these limited expressions of human language about what faith really is, I would like to offer you another way to think about it.  Rather than barrage you with more and more definitions, I would like to move beyond a wordy collection of ideas and create a "mechanism" in your mind that is like an atmosphere that always exists around you--that surrounds you and nourishes you just like the oxygen you breath in for sustenance itself.  Let faith live above all your thoughts--let it be there always as a backdrop to your living experience.

When you think about what other things in your reality surround you invisibly, you might think about the omnipresence of the Creator as being "everywhere" and this would be true.  Take that thought now and apply it to faith.  Make them one in the same.  Always being aware of the surrounding presence of the Creator Father will become the faith that brings the reality of His mystery alive to you in ways you can understand in your reality.  In any situation in life where you are unsure of the path forward, this surrounding faith in the grace of Father's guidance is there to assure you that "there is a way" and to find peace in knowing that you are guided when you connect with that surrounding faith.  

Understanding faith this way brings a whole new perspective to your personal relationship with Spirit.  Rather than looking for faith in times of uncertainty or tribulation, you live in the immersive continuance of faith and hold all intentions, thoughts, and actions to light in the surrounding essence of Father's omnipresence.  Faith then becomes this inexpressible constant knowing that the incomprehensible mystery of the Creator's Will is being expressed by you in ways that you may only experience--not necessarily understand intellectually in the present moment or in any sense of totality.  Life is a faith journey where you live and move and have your being.  Faith that you will have a tomorrow is the most rudimentary exercise in faith you all share and many take that for granted.

Moving beyond rudimentary faith in life itself is reaching out with hope in discovering the great mysteries of life.  As you take one step forward in faith you step out with the guidance of faith in the surrounding omnipresence of the Creator Father.  Verification of your faith is always provided when you look back on the path of your choices that were taken in faith.  There you will see the fingerprints of divine guidance and providence--that leads to greater and greater trust in Father's Grace and watch care.  Living in "Immersive Faith" is the most powerful way to express the mystery of the Almighty through the experience of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Immersive Faith is a constant cooperative in unity with Spirit.  Dive in, my dear students, and immerse yourself in the mystery!

I AM Uteah

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