Light and Life Series, Lesson 4, Purposeful Intention

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Greetings, my dear students,

In this fourth message in the Light and Life Series, I will speak about the implementation of the mind-set of Light and Life (L&L) and how you can begin today using your mind as a citizen of Light and Life.  This way of thinking is not reserved for future generations, but for you in this moment.  The concept of a L&L mind-set is simple--the application of it is something that you work at everyday of your life here and hereafter.  Because L&L is born from the mind--your thoughts and your neighbor's thoughts, it must also begin with you, and the beginning for you is when you arise each day--each new day brings new opportunities.  

You cannot go backward in time to seize the missed opportunities of yesterday and so are you to understand that today is the day to begin anew.  Because a L&L mind-set is a progressive way of thinking, it requires you to clear your mind of old concepts that simply have not moved you into achieving a better way of life or a life with purpose.   L&L is a collective mind-set, but one that requires each individual to contribute to the betterment of the whole by finding purpose in your own life.  Therefore are you to begin each day with a purposeful intention to see that you are contributing to L&L regardless of whether or not your neighbor is contributing.  Acknowledging and accepting that you cannot control how others will think and act, you instead focus on being the captain of your own energy--your thoughts and actions and how you hold yourself (moral goodness) in the world while working toward some purposeful goal--that goal should include bringing a greater understanding of your purpose to others.

This "Purposeful Intention" becomes the theme of your day. It is to be thought of as a co-creative and guided process.  It requires an attitude of gratefulness and a curious mind to explore new concepts--even accepting that you may see beyond those static concepts of truth that you have come to believe.  Purposeful Intention is a statement of personal empowerment by a mind and personality that chooses to become something greater.  It becomes the inner light of opportunity--the seedbed that allows the co-creative powers of the universe to spring forth from you in a moment of clarity and in the synergy of your participation.  Co-creativity is cooperation with your own inner guidance (knowing within) and therefore requires that you state your intentions to develop your purpose and trust that you will recognize the signposts that lead to its unfolding--for without purpose, there can be no guidance.

It is said that "experience is the greatest teacher," but do understand that while this may be true for you in the particular moment of that experience, you have not experienced all things, and so it is also true that what you understand today may be revised tomorrow through another experience?  Accepting change is the greatest tool for growth and opportunity any soul can achieve.  Purposeful Intention requires the acceptance of change in your own beliefs.  A L&L mind-set is already within you and can be realized by "unlearning" what you have been conditioned to accept by a world in conflict. There is within each person a compass that points to what is good and it will lead you there if only you follow after that inner knowing.  Learn to recognize this inner knowing and also recognize your own habits of sabotage--to prove yourself "right" rather than follow the goodness that you know within.

I cannot tell you what your Purposeful Intention is--that is something that you create each day, but I will admonish you to wake each day and take time to create this open, hopeful, and expectant way of engaging your day following after the inner knowing of what is True, Beautiful, and Good for you and for your fellows.  This is something you can do today and everyday for the rest of your time here in this world, and I can assure you that you will have made this world a little better than it was had you not participated.  This is how Light and Life becomes your reality and the reality of your neighbor.

Light and Life is achievable,

I AM Uteah

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