The Light of Love

The Guiding light of love lives within us all. It is the unique structure of love that flows throughout the universe as the light of love and hope. Within the structure of love, lies the embedded code of life, flowing throughout the body, mind and soul-the code of life that science will never discover as it is of divine nature and impossible to place in a test tube.

Look in the heart of sorrow, be in the moment of joy. Love in the rain, dance under the moon, laugh at your perceived mistakes. Herewith is the code of life, the key to love and the answer to all mysteries.

Universal law does not allow for certain boundaries to be crossed, and science knows no boundaries. This is why the key to life will never be discovered by scientists, but rather, you have already discovered it through daily life, love and creation. When you see through eyes that are glass, you only see that which is shaded. Yet when you see through eyes of the heart, you see all that is true and false. By this I mean, you are seeing the truth of life through the experiences of the heart. Whether you consider each experience good or bad, is neither here nor there, for all experiences are of divine nature and all lead you to where you need to go.

There is only one path, with many diversions. It has always been through choice as to the diversions you take. Will it be the road of pain and suffering, or shall you take the road of happiness, success and joy? Ultimately, the divine path is of blessed joy and abundance, yet it is you who chooses your diversions of pain and suffering. These are not inflicted upon you, it is you who inflict it upon yourselves.

The eyes of the heart are sacred, as the feelings of the soul are divine. Choose your path from the place of love in your heart and so too will you project love into your life experiences. Love who you are and you will also love all souls on this earthly plane. See the beauty of life, the magic of love and observe as your life unfolds into that of true joy and bliss.

Release the fear of failure, for you push happiness away through fear of failure. Just know that failure does not really exist, it is only you who have derived this word and placed limits on your experiences. It is a perceived boundary that you believe you can never cross over. Failure is a safety mechanism-justification for not pursuing that which gives you great joy. Faith is the cornerstone of hope, love and truth.

Open the door and walk through it, and see what awaits you on the other side. The door is not locked, it is merely there as a boundary in your own mind. Step over the ledge and never look back. You will only see echos of past chains that held you in the stagnation of a life not moving. Only look forward and see the present moment of now.

Be in your heart, think from your soul and love with your eternal light. You cannot go wrong if you follow your heart and truth, for in truth there is no wrong, only that which you wish to experience. Go now, step forward and reign in the love in your heart. Be not afraid, for love can only bring forth much joy and happiness that will peacefully set you free.

In ever loving need of truth and everlasting joy,
Be in your heart always, and love with your eternal light.


The Universe

Julie Defina is an Empath, Reiki II practitioner, distance and energy healer, messenger of love, truth & wisdom, and author of the blog "Soul Whispers"

Her healing work in Reiki and her sensitivities as an gifted empath have allowed her to channel the energetic flow of universal life force energy to create conditions within the holistic body to self heal, while feeling and balancing the emotional and spiritual equilibrium of the soul through empathy.

Sharing insights learned along the way, helping others lift their view from the illusion of life, teaching others to be in their heart, think from their soul, and love with their light, is her passion and life mission.