The Divine Relationship Explained

I'm still amazed and astonished by the synchronicity of spirit and how the Divine channel finds a way to express itself through me from various sources and personalities. It was just this morning after I sat down at the keyboard and listened for the voice of my beloved teachers to "whisper in my ear," and how I allow the Divine Creative Force to function as a new lesson unfolds onto the page, that I was struck with such astonishment to become aware of my experiences before and just after the automatic writing process. This "ah-ha" moment of connecting the dots unfolds the meaning of the lesson to me, which imbeds itself in my heart for all time and becomes a part of the soul itself.

I often experience visitations from various spirit guides throughout the week, mostly at night when my mind is clear and open to inspiration. This week the underlying message was one of how to unlock the power of the Divine through our understanding of the Law of One, that as we all are individual expressions of the Divine Creative Force, it is our understanding of the "relationship" that allows us to become a channel of that Divinity.

After writing the spirit message this morning, "The Divine Relationship," I then looked for an image that relates to that message, and using a few related keywords, the image search returned hundreds of images for me to choose. Allowing divinity to flow through me, I searched through the images until one strikes me as "beautiful" and as something that represents the underlying meaning of the message.

I found a painting by a wonderful artist, Rassouli, whose paintings are incredibly inspirational and beautiful. His paintings speak directly to the soul and leave their mark without words, and I found that as I browsed through his collection, each one made me realize how the Creative Force works through each individual according to their level of understanding of the Law of One-the parts of the Whole seeking unity with the Creator.

I was inspired to seek out Rassouli, the artist, and find out his views and how he paints so beautifully. I found his website and read his biography and a few statements which summarize his thoughts about the painting process. It was there that the synchronicity hit me between the eyes and put a bullet point on this weeks lesson.

Rassouli's statement:

"Creation is the product of synchronizing our energy with the universe. Once we experience the whole and recognize it, we become aware that we are nothing but the Divine Creative Force."

This is how the Divine relationship works in our lives, by showing us how to move ever closer to understanding this Law of One and how we can learn to open up and let the power of the Divine Creative Force flow through us when we recognize the interconnectedness of the Whole. It is as Rassouli says, "...we become aware that we are nothing but the Divine Creative Force." This is the beginning of true wisdom.

You can explore the work of Rassouli here and read about his painting, philosophy on life, and his inspirations: