Cultivate and Nurture Your Ability

The mansion world teachers are always looking for willing students, and I know many of you students on the path are certainly willing to listen. If you are indeed receiving messages from celestial teachers, you must cultivate and nurture this ability. It takes commitment and dedication with an absolute heart for service. When the teachers see this in an individual, they will tap them and see if they can make a connection. If the individual responds, then they will continue and observe what kind of ability the student has and how his or her brain works. They will then use the best method of reaching the mind of the student. What is helpful to the teachers is that the student commit to a regular schedule of transmitting. This ensures that the spiritual resources are made available. The teachers have lives and schedules too and so they prefer to work with their students at an appointed time. I suggest you start a journal and pick a regular time that you can sit and write down your teacher's lesson. It is absolutely essential that you pick a time (same time), say once or twice a week, where you have absolute quiet and without interruption. You will need to achieve a light state of meditation (alpha) as you listen for spiritual inspiration.

The teachers can only tap into what is already within you-they cannot use ideas or vocabulary that is in advance of you and so they place the inspiration in your mind based on your life experience and your level of understanding spiritual concepts. Since we humans are not yet fully telepathic, we have to use the more crude methods of communication called "language" to express our ideas and feelings. Your command of language and your understanding of spiritual concepts will affect the quality of your transcripts. Most receivers go through a period (years) of intense learning of spiritual concepts and experiences prior to becoming a receiver-not necessarily intentionally for that purpose, yet it becomes a labor of love and intense interest to learn and grow spiritually. Receivers are to be mature grounded individuals who have done a lot of work in the area of self-mastery-to have mastery over the emotional and egoistic self. They must learn to love themselves as a child of the Creator Father and then learn to love their fellows and be compassionate and non-judgmental. Dysfunctional relationships, addictions, and other spirit poisons will be detrimental to your ability to love and bring a message through from a high vibrational being. Discernment is a huge part of the process and it takes work and honesty to recognize the parts of a message that are coming from you and not your teacher.

One thing students should not do is to have some preconceived concept in mind before sitting for a message. They should be spontaneous and write what they are feeling as the teacher projects the idea packets into the mind. When the message is complete, the student should use their discernment and read, and re-read, again and again, the message so that every sentence makes good sense and is free from fallacies and untruths. The Adjuster will help the student with the discernment process and as the Receiver gains experience and confidence in the process, the messages will come through with greater clarity and less error.

If you haven't done so already, reading the Urantia book will help you to understand the basic spiritual realities of the multiverse and this will be helpful for the teachers to develop a library of concepts in your mind that they can then pull ideas from. Although the Urantia Book is not a requirement of the receiving process, it is none the less helpful for understanding the rudimentary concepts of deity relationships and the hierarchy of spirit personalities, including the ascension of the soul and the perfection journey.

We need new receivers to come on-line as the Correcting Time unfolds, and so I encourage you all to further develop this ability if you are so inclined to do so.

God speed to you,

Chris Maurus