Your Whole Body shall be filled with Light

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear friends, let us come together as one mind, and let us seek the common ground as siblings on the path reaching for a greater sense of wholeness—to know ourselves and to have a greater understanding of what it means to live eternally as a child of the Creator Father. Though we may stand on different rungs of the ladder, separated by dimensional veils, we are not so different. We desire the same things—to know the Great Mystery—to discover the astonishing brilliance of the Creator’s infinite mind as it is revealed to us as we walk the path before us into the unknown. What does it feel like, look like, sound like, smell like, and taste like, to explore the grand universe? How shall we change as we step up the ladder of perfection? Who shall we meet there and what fantastic adventures will we have? What does real bliss feel like? Can you imagine feeling love that is so pure that you meld into oneness with all there is—having no thought or word to describe the inexplicable state of absolute joy? Have you thought about such things? Do you want to explore the universes—see other worlds and other peoples and creatures? Oh, what truth, beauty, and goodness awaits you—how blessed are we to have the opportunity to experience such things!

As above, so below—the shadows of these greater things of light exist in your world today and you only have to look with a child’s eye to see them. You are already exploring the universe on your world—this is the beginning! How many fantastic places are there on Urantia where you can travel and experience a completely different way of life—meet new peoples and see creatures you have never seen before? Can you not see the face of God in a child, a friend, or a lover? Can you not experience a greater degree of bliss by removing the conditions for acceptance—to love another as you want to be loved? The truth, beauty, and goodness of such things are all around you like ripe fruit waiting to be picked and savored. What is it that you are waiting for? You are on the journey now! Awaken to this fact, my friends, and live your life as a part of this greater adventure you imagine in the hereafter. What have you to fear?

Do you not know that you are the living vessels for the Divine Indwelling? Being host to the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator means that you have neigh limitless potential—can you think about what that means? Not even I nor my companions here on the mansion worlds can fathom such glory, yet it’s the very idea of such glory that drives us toward godlikeness. As our hearts grow softer with love and joy, our minds expand to understand more of the Mystery. It is no different for you and the same can be said for all who walk the earth. See through the eyes of the heart and your whole body shall be filled with light.

Do you believe me not? I tell you the truth, for if you wish to test my word, then I have an assignment for you. Go and stand before one person, hold their hands, and look them in the eye and say with the most sincere heart: “I love you, I appreciate you, and I am blessed to know you.” That’s it. That is all you need to do and I guarantee that you will both grow in that moment and never be exactly the same as you were before you spoke those words. Your whole body shall be filled with light! What if you did this every day? Oh, the potential, the potential, the potential!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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