Your First Lesson from a Trinity Teacher

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Greetings of love and joy I bring to you, Dear Ones.  I AM Trinity Teacher Uteah.

Please sit quietly--in your peace and take in my divine vibration--breathe me in through your heart center--let us be of one mind, and one heart. Let my thoughts be your thoughts.  Do this when we come together and bind with me that higher part of your mind and the deepest part of your heart--the Indwelling Spirit of the Father has this space set aside for our union--move into it and feel my love for you--feel it saturate you--feel it move through every part of you--breathe deep.

As a Trinity Teacher, I AM born of love--a pure love--a love that is yet unknown to you--a love that you shall uncover as you ascend into perfection. I descend from paradise--from perfect love and perfect peace, to teach you about this love, that part of love that you may comprehend where you are in your journey.  You are all capable of so much more understanding when you let love become you--it truly is the most powerful and transformational energy you can tap into.  

There is a place within you that holds the storehouse of this pure love essence.  It resides in the Father Fragment--yet within you.  This "Sacred Space" that I speak of, that the Father Fragment has set aside for our union, is that space where the highest understanding of love lives within you in this moment.  This space is ever moving and expanding--your understanding of it changes as you allow your Father Fragment to express love through you.  Allowing this co-creative expression is your part of the love learning.

This love space--where you hold all the meanings and values derived from your experiences with love is the place where you may hold up all your moments in life--all relationship interactions, all decisions and actions.  Learn to go there in the space between your decisions and actions--before your reactions.  Learn to go there, Dear Ones, as often as your heart beats.  Hold all thoughts, all decisions, and planned actions against the wall murals of this space. Is it something you would append to the walls--would you paint it as a part of your continuing journey--the story of your soul?  Is it True?  Is it just? Does it contain beauty?  Is it good?  Would you paint it on the wall mural of your soul to be looked at for an eternity?  Would you share it with all those you love?

If you are to be my pupils, you shall learn to move into this Sacred Space in a heart beat.  In this space, my words are never twisted or self-serving.  Love is universally inclusive and when we share this space, we shall paint on the wall mural of your soul together and it shall be True, Beautiful, and Good.  That is your litmus test for all things I shall teach you.  Is it something you would paint with me--let it be so?

Your first lesson from a Trinity Teacher is to create this Sacred Space where we can paint the story of your soul journey together.  Picture it now in your mind--a beautiful gallery that contains only the most beautiful moments of your life in pictures.  Walk the hallways and gallery rooms with me where all these beautiful moments live and show me what you have learned of love?  Please review one of these moments with me--show me what love looks like to you?  Each time we meet, please show me another one of these moments?

Whenever we come together this way, we shall ascend the staircase that leads to this highest place--you shall lead and hold my hand as we step up and into this Sacred Space.   Do you trust me Dear One?  This is something we learn together as we walk deeper into the inner sanctum of your soul.  My love for you is unconditional--let me show you my love.

I AM Uteah, here to serve you,

Receiver's note: Teacher Uteah is preparing us to connect with Her--to do this, it requires our purest of intentions and an intimate trust.  It is the review of those great love moments of our lives that change our vibration and bring the highest level of attunement we can have while connecting with Her.  Like the Father, She sees into our hearts and knows our intentions.  If we truly desire to learn from Her, we will need to bring that vulnerable part of ourselves into the inner sanctum of our Sacred Space and share openly with Her.

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