You've been given the Recipe

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is an address to those students on the path who feel like they are drifting and unable to understand their particular mission there on Urantia. Many of you have been indwelled with extraordinary Thought Adjusters—highly experienced Fragments of the Creator Father who have come to Urantia at this most auspicious and crucial time in its development—to re-align the collective consciousness of its people—to guide, enlighten, and teach universal truths—to reconnect the disconnected souls to their true selves—to awaken a sleeping planet from the illusions born out of centuries of confusion and self-serving delusions. Yes, it is an enormous task that is staggering to the imagination. Many of you have awakened and have had many extraordinary experiences—much divine attention has been given you to bring you to the table, yet as you sit there with empty plates, you ask, “Where is this food I am so hungry for?”

It is this hunger within you to do the Will of the Father that is driven by your Thought Adjuster (TA). It would seem that each day you live you feel this calling more intensely and yet you struggle to find your purpose. Many of you say to yourselves, “Someday I will…” The days are passing quickly, my friends, and it is time for you to take your plates to the kitchen and begin cooking the food you are hungry for—all the ingredients are there. Your immediate mission is to understand the Still Small Voice within you—the One who speaks to the heart—the One who gives that little “nudge” in the space between thought and action. All those wonderful ideas you have that you place in your “someday box” are ideas co-created by you and your TA. It is time for you to have a sincere conversation with the One who indwells you and ask for the boldness and courage to move those ideas out of the “someday box” and onto the calendar.

The Father knows about the difficult circumstances on Urantia and how conditioned you all are by your cultures and societies to live and work and find your way in this life, and so has he place within your mind an Extraordinary Presence of divine origin to lead you to the kitchen, and then back to the table where you can then serve and share a meal with all those other hungry souls. You are to bring the spice of life to the banquet table and sprinkle it around generously—bring savor to the bland and mundane—to awaken the senses! You are all gods and goddesses in the making! You are all teachers who have awakened to the fact of your Indwelling! Make use of what you have learned and bring all those ideas into reality. The universe is on your side—only fear can prevent miracles.

Learn to recognize the subtle nudges, my friends—that is the beginning of wisdom. There shall be opportunities where all that you have learned and experience thus far in your life can be harvested and brought into the kitchen for the preparation of the meals you all are so hungry for. Have you not realized that you are the farmer, the cook, the server, and the host? The guests are all those souls who are searching and staring at an empty plate. Only in service do you find purpose. Are you serving or are you still staring at an empty plate asking, “Where is my food?”

You’ve been given the recipe, now go and create something tasteful!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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