You are well connected

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear One, did you know that all of you on the earth plane are very well connected? What do I mean by this? All of you have a fragment of the Universal Father, your Thought Adjuster, living within your mind that is “ultra-connected” to all things and beings. This very special connection you have to your Adjuster allows you to be well connected to the spiritual economy of the universe. Unfortunately, many of you have been “trained” from birth and though your entire lives thus far to forget this connection—that it does not exist. All the agents in your spiritual guidance team are committed to help you to remember that connection and to remind you, that above all, you are a child of the Universal Father—the Creator of all, and that He specifically chose you to be the host to His Adjuster and has personally called you, (your name goes here), to take up the Grand Adventure and to pursue perfection attainment—to “be perfect, as I AM perfect.”

By divine appointment “you” have been chosen and called forth to experience life in the time space universes and to return those experiences to your Father—and in return for this service, the Father allows you to actually know and become like Him—to experience what it is like to move through the universes of time and space—to explore—to grow in wisdom and spiritual power—to interact with all the many orders of created beings—to see worlds and realms of unimagined beauty and to serve willingly in the unity of the Great Plan to bring all things and beings to perfection—to go forth into the outer space levels that are now forming and to foster new life and be co-creator with the Father! Oh, dear One, what astonishing and fantastic epics await!

One thing though, I failed to mention: You are already on this astonishing journey! It has already begun! It is time to wake up from your slumber and remember who you are—to reconnect yourself to the Source of all connections and participate in the Great Plan as a citizen of the universes of time. Your guidance team is waiting with “baited breath” for you to call on them and to provide you with assistance in whatever you need to participate in the unity of the Great Plan. Your Thought Adjuster hears you—your guardian seraphim hear you, your soul family hears and cheers you—all those many orders of celestial administrators are at the ready to assist you in your adventure on the earth plane and to begin working with you on the Great Plan to save Urantia and bring it into the light of a new era.

All you have to do to start working with us is to ask with all sincerity, dear One, and we shall answer—call on us—call on your Higher Self, Call on the Universal Father, call on Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, your guardian angels, ascended masters, your soul family—we are all here eagerly waiting for you to ask us for whatever you need to realize who you really are—a child of the universe and a co-creator with God. Welcome home, dear One, to the family who loves you and accepts you for who you are. There is no judgment here, and we know that when you are “love connected” to your family, you will all the better radiate that love to others near you because the light within you is growing brighter and cannot be contained.

Call on us—we do indeed hear you—you are “connected.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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