Where is Monjoronson?


An editorial by Chris Maurus:

There has been a lot of speculation about the Magisterial Mission and whether or not Monjoronson will appear soon in the flesh and begin the difficult task of setting this world on a path to Light and Life—or will he be “delayed” because of something we humans are or are not doing that affects the timing of His appearance on our world? We have all had our hopes dashed to pieces more than once and like the familiar metaphor I have heard used, “It’s like having Lucy pull the football away just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it.” Like Charlie Brown who faithfully trusts that Lucy will not pull the football away, he sets himself up for defeat again and again and so do we as we consume all the hearsay and conflicting transcripts we get from the various transmitters around the world concerning the “timing” of the Magisterial Mission. I would like to explain why I think the Magisterial Mission is “on-track” and running according to a “divine plan” despite our assumptions and expectations.

If we want to know how Spirit operates, let’s look at the past and see what history tells us about “celestial missions of mercy.” We know from the Urantia Book that Machiventa Melchizedek came to this world nearly 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus (take note: 2 millennium). He was sent here because the light of truth about God was nearly extinct on the planet—clearly there was no condition or behavior upon which the inhabitants of the world at that time would have delayed his appearance—they were in utter darkness and needed help. If anything, the sad condition of the human mind at that time was the very thing that brought him here.

(1014.3) 93:1.1 Revealed truth was threatened with extinction during the millenniums which followed the miscarriage of the Adamic mission on Urantia. Though making progress intellectually, the human races were slowly losing ground spiritually. About 3000 B.C. the concept of God had grown very hazy in the minds of men.

With this in mind, let’s ask ourselves: If the human race continues on its current path—starting new wars, creating chaos and untold human suffering in the world, and wreaking havoc in the financial markets of the world, can this delay the appearance of the Magisterial Son who is said to come here to put the affairs of this world in order and to consummate the era of Light and Life? I have heard it said more than once in various transcripts that he will be delayed because we are not ready to receive him. Does this ring true knowing that the very reason he is coming is because of the great confusion and condition this planet is in and that we cannot seem to “fix it” on our own? How do we move beyond the legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion? Certainly it would take many generations of people who are slowly waking up to god consciousness to overcome the hate, greed, and inequality we witness every day in this world to have a lasting effect on world governments and social order. Could it be done this way? I think yes, but then why would we need Monjoronson? We need him because of his vast wisdom and experience as an Avonal Son who has done this work in other universes. Yes, we will have to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of turning this thing around, but without his help, it would take a very long time and many billions of souls born into this world for generations would suffer from the continued collateral damage inflicted by the Luciferian legacy.

(1014.4) 93:1.2 The twelve Melchizedek receivers knew of Michael’s impending bestowal on their planet, but they did not know how soon it would occur; therefore they convened in solemn council and petitioned the Most Highs of Edentia that some provision be made for maintaining the light of truth on Urantia.

In the time just prior to Machiventa’s mission there were no “public opinion polls” taken by the celestial government on whether or not to take action based on the “readiness” of the inhabitants of the planet. The need was clearly there and so the Melchizedek receivers put a plan together. Machiventa Melchizedek was sent here alone, as a fully developed adult, with the task of bringing the light of truth back to earth—to seed it deep in the minds of humans who had practically no idea about the nature or existence of a loving God—a daunting task for any one person to take on. It would seem that Monjoronson is facing an even bigger challenge then did Machiventa in his time.

What are our expectations about how Monjoronson will appear on our world? Will he come here with great fanfare—with power and glory—will every eye witness his grand entrance? Again, let’s look and see how spirit operates in these situations:

(1015.1) 93:2.1 It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes.

Even Jesus, the incarnated Creator Son, came here quietly—born like any other normal human child and grew up without royal robes, pomp and circumstance, and began his teaching ministry quietly at first, as an adult male of his time and day. We know from the multitude of transcripts we have in the Teaching Mission Archives that Monjoronson will not be coming here as a babe like Christ Michael (Jesus), but as a fully mature man just as did Machiventa. We can all speculate the reason for that is because of the urgency of the mission—there is not enough time for one born of woman to grow up and become the Magisterial Son, yet like Machiventa, he comes at a most auspicious time—on a mission with timely reason and with the blessing of the Father to bring earth back into the fold of enlightened planets.

When Monjoronson walks upon the earth in the flesh for the first time, what do you think will be his first order of business? Will he use superhuman power to tap into all the TV broadcasts of the world and announce his agenda and make demands on the powers that be, or will he come quietly and build his network of faithful and loyal operators as did Machiventa with his colony of devotees at Salem who eventually spread out around the earth and seeded all the world religions?

What about this thing called “materialization?” What is involved in that? How does a paradise citizen—an Avonal Son, with all the power and perfection of a high spiritual being of paradise take his immense consciousness and squeeze it into a human “meat-sack” with a human brain that runs on electro-chemical impulses. Seems to me that there would be some kind of an acclimation period where he learns how to operate this new cumbersome interface for which he has no prior experience with. Certainly Machiventa went through a similar process where he needed to acclimate to the interface and the environment. We do not know what that process is, or how long it takes, but we do know that it is not magic, that there are the natural laws of the universe that govern the process no matter how advanced the technology. Anything that comes into the slow thick soup of the material realms is somewhat subject to the laws that govern that realm. I suspect there are some difficulties associated with materialization.

What happens to Monjoronson’s communication network—does it remain as it was when he was in spirit form? Does he retain his multidimensional contact with all celestial operators and humans alike as he has during his contact with us in the Teaching Mission era of the past, or is there some diminution of his abilities to communicate while operating with a human brain?

(1016.2) 93:2.8 During the incarnation in the flesh, Machiventa was in full contact with his eleven fellows of the corps of planetary custodians, but he could not communicate with other orders of celestial personalities. Aside from the Melchizedek receivers, he had no more contact with superhuman intelligences than a human being.

I think certainly that Monjoronson will have greater ability and capacity to communicate than did Machiventa because of his order as an Avonal Son of paradise, yet I would think there would be a diminution of ability associated with the human form. Don’t you think it odd that currently there are few messages coming from transmitters with Monjoronson’s signature—especially in the last two years? Who are we hearing from mostly concerning the Magisterial Mission? We hear from Charles and Serena from his executive staff! Yes, we occasionally get a transmission from Monjoronson, but nothing like the frequency we were hearing from him just a few years ago. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about why that is so.

I’m not going to speculate on the timing of his arrival and pull another football away from Charlie Brown, but to those who are faithful and hopeful, I say consider the times and what is going on in the world. The spiritual pressure on this planet is palpable and those who are sensitive to it are feeling the change of seasons. If we are indeed the ones who determine our own destiny, then let’s keep Monjoronson in our consciousness and make him welcome here. I for one would rather he come quietly and find me “ready to receive him” than to pass from this life and watch from afar a hundred generations pass who can eventually measure up to the standard of our assumptions and expectations of readiness or worthiness to receive him.

Gratefully yours,

Chris Maurus

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