Where do these heavy Influences come from?

Teacher: Monjoronson

Many of you may begin to feel a strange “disconnect” within you—not dissimilar to grieving, for which you have no explanation for these disconnected feelings and emotions. There is, at this time, a great purging taking place within the mass consciousness of humanity and with this purging comes an “absence of influence” for which many of you may be feeling a withdrawal effect. These heavy influences have been inundating the mass consciousness of the planet for many, many years and they shall no longer find refuge in the planetary consciousness of Urantia.

Where do these heavy influences come from? They come from the minds of men and women who have mostly left a wake of negative thoughts and emotions from a life lived in the absence of love and brotherhood—lives filled with regret, fear, greed, hatred, and malevolent intentions—a legacy left to us from the confusion of the Lucifer Rebellion. These dark thought forms have no redeemable value to the Planetary Supreme and so they continue to multiply in the borderland regions of the planet’s circuits waiting for resolution for which it would appear there is none.

To you, it may seem as a bit of a paradox that there would be no “method” for extinguishing these malevolent energies, and many questions are raised about the responsibilities of the gods to keep the “back room” functioning and maintained? These are complicated issues having to do with the sovereignty of free will and the laws set in place by the Universal Father to allow his children complete freedom to choose their own thoughts and experience the reverberations of those thoughts and actions.

However, the situation we have now has come to a place where the sheer numbers of these malevolent energies are causing an undue influence in the mass consciousness of the planet whereby these thought forms are spreading like a virus. This is a situation in need of remedial attention—a priority.

Because these thoughts are and continue to be created by humans at the planetary level, they must also be dealt with by those native to this planet. Your Midwayers—the custodians of this sphere for millennia have been at the forefront of this battle, yet as the population of humans continues to rise, so too does the exponent of irredeemable thoughts continue to mount which has overwhelmed the current resources available to deal with it.

It is now possible whereby certain groups of humans can be “fitted” to act as furnaces which can break down these malevolent thought forms in large quantities—at levels that can overcome the “infection” and act as an antigen within the mass consciousness of the planet. This is being accomplished through the Reserve Corps of Destiny—a group of humans who have been rehearsed by their seraphic guardians and Thought Adjusters to deal with just such an emergency. Some of these reservists will be conscious of their participation and others will not. Those “fitted” for this service shall feel no ill effect.

The purging of your planet shall continue for some time—know and understand that the “upper hand” is on the side of Light, and once the numbers are brought to manageable levels, the influence of these malevolent forms shall no longer add any weight to the feelings, thoughts, and decisions men and women make as they live on this planet—they shall then be wholly responsible for their own thoughts and actions.

These malevolent energies shall continue to spawn from the minds of men as your planet struggles to overcome the vestiges of the rebellion. Your mass media parades and courts the worst of humanity because of the dependency you have on fear and sensationalism. It is up to you to monitor what comes into your minds via these generators of fear and contempt (mass media, entertainment industry). When those who control programming and information find that you are no longer buying what they are selling, the programming shall change—it is entirely up to you now to drive that change. It starts with you and comes from within.

You are not alone—the Father loves Urantia and He has faith in you as His indwelled children to turn this planet into the Jewel of the Universe.

With Truth, Beauty, and Goodness,

I AM Monjoronson

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