What is it that you truly Desire?

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear friends, I have a question for you. What is it that you truly desire? I would like for you to sit with this question and narrow it down into the one most important thing that you feel would make you most complete and whole. Be completely honest with yourself and speak it openly: “The one most important thing that I desire that would make me feel complete and whole is __________________________________________________.”

I do not want to lead you to a place where you answer this because of what I say or teach, yet I want you to develop a sense of clarity about who you are; your value as a human being; and your sense of life purpose. This can only be answered by you. What I can tell you is that you, as a race of beings (humans), were created to be co-creative experiential partners with the Creator and that you are unconditionally loved and offered the opportunity to live eternally if you so choose to continue your life in pursuit of the Father’s calling to “Be perfect as I AM perfect.” This directive challenges you to continue your life beyond this world into the higher worlds and realms of the multiverse where you will learn and experience things your imagination has no reference for—experiences of such beauty and sublime grandeur—having personal relationships with myriads of diverse creatures that populate and administrate this master universe—the very experiences that will finally bring you across the universes of time and into the presence of the Creator Himself.

And what is the one most important thing that will bring you across the universes and into the Creator’s presence on paradise? Perfection, yes? But how is it that we truly become perfect? The answer is very simple, yet to arrive at this simple answer is to eliminate all the other possibilities until the purity of this one answer has become who you are. You, my dear friends, were created in love—to be loved, and to return to that love from which you were created. At the core of your soul—the true self that is in development grows in direct relationship with the quality of love you understand. To understand love, means you have experienced love and expressed love at the level of your understanding. The more you understand love, the closer and more god-like will be the essence of your soul where you will finally approach relative unity of vibration and oneness with the Creator—to know love as the Creator is love.

At present, most of you are discovering, as you go about your daily life, what love is not. Some will have those moments of clarity and experience the “peaks” that make a life-long impression where you touched love in a form that helped you understand the rudiments of real love where your soul expanded and you developed a hunger to find another moment of clarity where yet another peak could be experienced that would make you feel “whole.” To feel “whole” is to fill the “hole” in your understanding—to experience love in higher and more pure forms with less conditions until love becomes you and you become an expression of the Creators Will here and hereafter. As we chain together all these peak experiences where we discovered a deeper layer of love, we build a soul that is more and more perfect and more reflective of the Creator Himself. This is how we ascend to perfection, my friends, and this is how we answer the Creator’s call. How long is it between peaks—days, weeks, months, years? As free-will creatures you control and decide the intervals between love experiences.

Again, what is it that you truly desire? Was your answer something that would help you understand love at a deeper level?

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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