What does it mean to be on the Spiritual Path?

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Chris: Teachers, a reader asks: What does it mean to be “On the Spiritual Path?” So many people speak about “Mind, Body, Spirit – Mind, Body Soul,” interchangeably—participating in Yoga, healing, and meditation groups—or joining churches—practicing religion? Being on a spiritual path sounds like a more unified concept? Could you please speak about this?

Teacher Ophelius: Simply put, the “Spirit” is the Indwelling Presence of the Universal Father—your Thought Adjuster. The Soul is the emerging morontial being that you are becoming—all the life experiences and values that your Thought Adjuster has gathered and deemed of survival value are retained in the soul like a container for all things True, Beautiful, and Good—your “true self.” It is this growing and emerging part of you that survives and lives on into the hereafter where you shall continue to “walk the spiritual path.”

Let us look at this phrase “on the spiritual path.” A path is an identifiable, marked, and guided trail containing many symbolic signposts. The Spirit, as you now know, is the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator within you. It is this Spirit that guides and leads you while you journey on this path and assists you in understanding the signposts—a spiritual map for the ascending soul. Where does the path lead? It leads back to the Source of Creation—to the Universal Father (ascension).

At first, the path is not all that well marked, it is overgrown with many weeds and thickets—storms sometimes leave fallen trees across the path barring your way for which you must use your insight, knowledge, experience and wisdom to find a way around the obstacles and pick up the trail once again. Your courage and the whispering Spirit help you to find your way and continue. Faith is the “undefinable knowing” that moves you to explore what lies beyond the next hill or mountain.

Each newly discovered vista reveals another layer of the Creator’s Great Plan. That plan is to bring all of creation to a relative state of perfection—all souls, all planets, all systems, all universes. It is in the journey of this Great Plan, for which you are a part of, that all values are extracted—all experiences are lived—all ideas explored. “All” in this case is relativity as it relates to the time/space creation. Every soul participating in this Great Plan contributes to the emergence of the Supreme Being—the God of Experience—that part of the Creator in the domain of time and space that enables Him to be free from the fetters of infinity and to answer the primal question, “Who AM I?”

What does it mean to walk this path? To walk the spiritual path means you are actively and consciously participating in creation as a partner with the Spirit (a co-creator). You understand that all your siblings are here as potential participants in the Great Plan and all are indwelled by the Spirit of the Creator Father—each one occupies a different place on the path for which you are in service. Being “in service” is in essence doing the Will of the Creator, for without service, the Great Plan stops and is then incomplete. All things are to progress and “move” according to His edict, “Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.” It is “on the spiritual path” that souls move from imperfection to perfection (ascension) and offer their gift of experience from the journey to the Universal Father. The embrace of Finality, as you stand before the Creator on Paradise, is your gift from the Creator Father as having answered his edict for which you are entrusted with the Divine Mystery—and for which you shall have become truly “god-like.”

Peace to you and god-speed on the path,

The Circle of Seven

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