“What Can I Teach,” and “Who is My Student?”

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about the importance of being both an avid student of truth, and a teacher of truth, for as you grow and ascend the universe schools of perfection, this dual role is the key to your passage to paradise. The Universal Father requires that all the time-space universes become perfected along with the consciousness of all sentient beings therein and so it becomes imperative to have this student/teacher relationship between all creatures, for without it, all progress would cease. This is especially important on your world as it struggles to free itself from the chaos of rebellion and emerge into the enlightened era of Light and Life.

On your world where life is so intense and relatively short in duration, it would be beneficial to all to have access to higher thought and education, yet because of the earth’s confusion and rebellious development, higher education has become a commodity for sale only to those who can afford to pay or are willing to become slaves to money lenders for many years of their lives. If only the governments of the earth would make it a priority to educate all citizens, regardless of their social and financial status, soon you would see your planet emerge from its barbarous warlike thinking and social delinquency. In parallel with education, religious thought must also evolve beyond the exclusivity of creeds and teach the universal value of unconditional love.

Until the vested interests that profit from war and the treatment of preventable illness see profit in peace and growth for all peoples, little shall change on your world, and this is where the teachers of truth can and are making a difference with the upcoming generations. You students on the path are learning about the sacred value of life and what it means to be a universe citizen. This sacred knowledge and wisdom must be passed on to your fellows in ways they can understand, and this is the challenge to all of you. As you learn, grow, and become wise, so shall you teach, nurture and lead. It is not for you to make others think like you, but to inspire others to see the potentials for truth, beauty, and goodness in themselves.

You might ask yourself, “What can I teach,” and “Who is my student?” My friends, anything that you have experienced in life that is true, beautiful, or good can be communicated to other souls. Use your co-creative powers of imagination to reach out to your fellows. Continue to seek for those things that interest you and always remain a learner, for this is the way of a universe citizen and this is how you will ascend the grand universe. Constructive communication is progress, and you have the technology to reach into every corner of your world through your Internet. All can benefit from peace, love, and understanding, therefore go and learn and teach and stand for the moral values of life, growth, and equality for all peoples.

Your position as an enlightened soul on this world at this most auspicious time in its history is pivotal to its emergence from ignorance and darkness. Ask for what you need to do this work (to learn and teach) and it shall be given. All the eyes of the universe are on this backward little planet because of its unique status as the bestowal planet of the Creator Son. Therefore use and value your time here wisely, my friends, and together we can make a difference in the quality of the lives of all souls.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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