We are Partners – Light and Life

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear friends, the Circle and I would like to remind you of our mission and purpose to bring these wonderful messages of faith, hope, truth, and love to you and why they are important for you to know. You Students on the path are important to us (Spirit) because you are the link, the connection, the completing circuit, that brings light from the higher realms to your earthly estate, and within this special relationship, we have the opportunity to train a new wave of human teachers that can go out into your confused world and enlighten your fellows. You are “the change” that is needed to bring about the Correcting Time initiatives—to reconnect a world that was cut off from the light for more than 200,000 years of rebellion and bring it to the starting gates of Light and Life. We are the “pumping station” for the “Light” and you are the “Life” reservoirs that pool the light and create your own unique way of moving that light to the places where it is needed. We are partners, “Light and Life,” and together we can do our Father’s Will because we both have a stake in the outcome and a vision for a better world where young souls can grow in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

To live a life of free will without purpose or direction or knowing in faith what lies ahead in the ascension is a tragic waste of a very important part of the soul’s journey. It is here on this first rung of the ladder where you build your vessel and prepare for the adventure of eternity. Building a ship without a plan and without knowing the destination can be a futile endeavor because the ship builders do not know or care if they will be building a rowboat for a quiet river passage or a giant tanker for a treacherous ocean journey—there is no plan, no knowledge, and no point to continue. This describes a great majority of people on your planet that have no plan, no knowledge, no hope, and no faith for the journey ahead. This is our mission, my friends, “Light and Life”—to fill in the blanks—to supply a vision for the journey ahead so the shipbuilders can put together their own plan and build a ship that is seaworthy and one that is filled with the provisions necessary to complete the long journey into eternity.

As the “Life” reservoirs of light, it is your job to supply the living water where it is needed so that the ship builders can use it to move their vessels out of dry dock and into the channel where they can navigate their ship according to their own charts. What is important for you students on the path is to constantly upgrade your pipeline that connects to the pumping station so that more light can pass into your pool where you have ample resources to supply the needs of the ship builders. Our mission and purpose at the pumping station is to see that you have the tools, the knowledge, and the supply to upgrade your pipeline so that you can do your work in the shipyard. Once the sails are raised, the Father will fill it with the wind and energy needed to guide it through the currents of life and on the path to finality and soul completion.

We remind you that the pumping stations have nothing to move until the valves are open to receive the light. Open your valves, my friends, and feel the light move through your pipeline—it moves with intent—with Will, with Knowledge, with Joy, with Truth, with Understanding, with Compassion, and with Love.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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