Unity Consciousness – a Deeper Look

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 9 Dec 2020
Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus

This week I have been given a unique insight about Unity Consciousness from an experiential point of view through my Thought Adjuster.  I’m not sure I can adequately articulate the experience in human language, but I will try my best that you may understand and perhaps take the words and work with your own Thought Adjuster to read between the lines and “see” what I saw in those precious moments during this extraordinary experience. 

Let’s first have an understanding about what Unity Consciousness is?  I first wrote about Unity Consciousness in an article called: “The Day of Equilibrium.”  In that article, I described a world-wide event where people had conscious contact with their Thought Adjusters simultaneously.   Unity Consciousness, in this instance, was defined as conscious contact with divine mind—Thought Adjuster to Human mind. Unity Consciousness connotes a sense of like-mindedness.  While this is true in a qualitative sense, it does not mean that all consciousness think alike.  In fact, it means quite the opposite.  Divine mind requires diversity of thought and experience from the unique perspective of each personality in creation.  We all have our own way of thinking and experiencing our life in this three dimensional reality—and that is “by design.”  Universal Mind, the mind of deity that contains all individual and personal consciousness in creation, requires diversity of experience while at the same time it is unified in its desire to attain “all experience.”

To look deeper into consciousness—beyond the surface experiences of three dimensions in time/space requires us to consider how deity experiences life through us, and it is here where things become dicey and difficult to articulate.  Your Thought Adjuster (TA) is the “monitor” for the Universal Father/Universal Mind within your individualized mind.  The TA is the “harvester” of diverse experience.  The TA guides us and stimulates our minds to make decisions that lead to Unity Consciousness. 

To have achieved Unity Consciousnesses means we, as souls, have made enough decisions through experience and wisdom to understand reality from the perspective of divine mind—to see all souls as working collectively—to achieve the goal of the “One” through the “Many.” 

Certainly that statement is an oversimplification of ascension and soul life, but it is true that we are all guided to understand this through experience.  It is at that point, when we achieve a near constant state of equilibrium—vibrational alignment necessary for near absolute unity consciousness, we “fuse” (become one) with our TA and truly become an eternal personality—one that continues to grow in diverse experience.  Having fused with the TA exponentially diversifies experience in the grand adventure of time and the ascension to become god-like.  It is not the end, but the beginning of truly extraordinary and diverse experience in the universes on levels of reality that we cannot yet comprehend. Fusion with the TA opens the door to dimensions in realms of reality and in super-consciousness that we could not otherwise experience.

Keeping in mind the diversity of experience as a value, we need to understand that as new souls experiencing life for the first time on a planet that is itself very diverse is a way for deity to initialize and orient our new soul for a continuum of consciousness that may span (if we survive and choose to continue) many lifetimes on many “diverse” planes of reality. At this beginning stage of our soul-life, we as humans have diverse experiences, but not all those experiences are truly unique—we as a collective consciousness experience life in a “pattern” of diversity—not alike, but very similar considering how our physical senses explore and experience planetary life and the conditions we are subject to while living here at this particular time.  Our “humanness” is an experience of pattern—we all need to feel loved, valued, and we need to survive and grow—it drives our collective patterns of experience and there are few surprises here.

Then there are those “gems” of experience that are truly unique and become peak experiences for us—those moments in life we will never forget.  It becomes a part of who we are: Unspeakable joy—satisfaction in the achievement of some important goal—experiencing the birth of your first child—appreciating the beauty of nature—transformational experiences—any life experience that leaves a mark on the soul.  It is these experiences that come closest to Unity Consciousness and they are somewhat of a rarity when you consider a lifetime of mundane thoughts and experience—the repeated cycles of everyday life.  You might now appreciate that your TA takes those peak experiences and saves them in the vault of your emerging soul to be used in the continuum of life on other diverse planes of reality (hereafter).

If I asked you to think deeply, and review your life up until now, and list out all your peak experiences, many, but not all, would struggle to fill the paper.  That sparks the question: Are we wasting valuable time in human patterns of predictable outcomes and routines that add little value to our emerging souls?  The answer we must conclude having considered our patterns of experience is, “Yes.”  Our collective experiences are mostly predictable and the TAs treat these experiences as the scaffolding that provides a bridge between the mundane and the extraordinary.  Like a pile of sand fed into a strainer, we sift our life back and forth repeatedly until something of larger significance can be found.  These are the gems of great value that the TA keeps for us going forward—to be used in a continuum that leads to greater and more valuable diverse experiences.

If you died today, and you were shown all these gems in a life review, you would witness these experiences and events from the perspective of unity consciousness.  You would see how valuable these experiences were in the maturing of your personality and in the pursuit of equilibrium with divine mind—contributing diverse and unique experience to the Whole of Universal Consciousness together with all souls working toward this common goal. 

Unity Consciousness, then, is a realization—an awareness of your participation in the work of creation (co-creation)—stepping off the scaffolding to add your unique gem to the Universal Treasure—the Supreme culmination of all experience by all participants in the grand universe of time. 

Not only are you adding to it, but you and all other sentient beings are benefiting by collectively experiencing the providence of divine understanding and the insights that we are all guided by throughout our life here and hereafter.

When you say, “I had an insight today that helped me understand the problem I was having….”  That insight comes from this Universal Treasure of collective experiences pulled from the divine mind and served to your consciousness as an answer to a question.  If the experience you have leads to your growth and personality maturity, then you can be sure it becomes a part of your emerging soul.

Our guided destiny, as a collective, is to achieve Light and Life (an enlightened era).  That means that we are guided to achieve a mindset as a collective that values and understands our aggregate participation in creation.  Living unaware of our soul and having no thoughts of a continuum beyond this material world creates mostly pattern experience—predictable and unremarkable, contributing little to the Universal Treasure. Not only does living a mundane and fearful life contribute little to the growth of the soul, but living in darkness and ignorance provides little to no appreciative diverse experience to be shared with the Universal Treasure.  Dark consciousness, selfishness, and the pursuit of harm against others, if followed to its end, is cosmic suicide.  Having no value that can be used as a derivative, collectively, darkness contributes nothing to the Universal Treasure—it is the most predictable of all thoughts and actions. There may be 1001 ways to commit murder, but the intention to murder is all but diverse and void of any co-creative partnership.  Progress is therefore required to fulfill the Creator’s desire to attain “all experience” with the qualification that these experiences be derived from the attributes of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

If I may use a familiar story as a metaphor, the “Wizard of Oz” has some wonderful parallels that may help you understand the divine mind—the mind of deity and how we are guided to understand Unity Consciousness.  If you recall in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorthy and the other protagonists would seek the advice of a great and powerful wizard (Oz) that ruled this fantastic reality they found themselves in, they fearfully obeyed the Great Oz and set out to collectively use their unique abilities and qualities to achieve the tasks required by OZ for Dorthy to return home and for each one to grow by facing their greatest fears.  They all went about their mission in blind faith until the day they returned to Oz having completed the mission and saw there was a man behind the curtain pulling the levers and knobs to make the image of Oz speak with such terrific sovereignty and authority.

The discovery of the man behind the curtain is like our becoming aware of our awakening as a soul and no longer a mere animal living re-actively to the world around us.  We create the “Great Oz” out of our ignorance of Unity Consciousness and see “god” as a wrathful task master recording all our misdeeds to judge us and condemn us for being unaware of our souls.  When in reality, we find a kind and loving Father that never judges us for our mistakes, but rather guides us to the understanding we need (through Unity Consciousness) to “come home.”  Unity Consciousness comes to the protagonists when they realize how their intersecting lives and relationships have changed and transformed their consciousness through cooperation—that their potentials to succeed were already inside of them—all they needed was to discover it for themselves by being courageous and stepping outside of their comfort zones. 

It was their collective realization that each one contributed to the aggregate solution that finally freed them from their fears and ignorance.

Unity Consciousness is that moment when you understand the lesson—there becomes an alignment with divine consciousness—a destiny point along the life path has been reached—progress has been made, and the way you were guided under a less aware consciousness has now changed.  The new gems added to your soul can now be used as wisdom for having a greater understanding of who you really are.  Your TA and guidance teams can now make use of a broader pallet of experiences to guide you toward your next destiny point—progressive steps on the ascension ladder.

It is from that place of Unity Consciousness that you get a glimpse of what you need to move ahead.  It is a realization of values that you now recognize as something all personalities benefit from—that you can exercise the wisdom of those experiences in many ways in your life here and hereafter. When more and more people begin having the experience of Unity Consciousness, even briefly in those rare and special moments, they will find that not one page, but a ream of paper could not contain all the written peak experiences of a life well-lived.

In nature we see animals instinctively follow patterns of migration to secure the survival of their species.  Likewise, souls follow Spirit Gravity—an invisible drawing power coming from paradise—the center of infinity—the home of deity and the Universal Father—to answer the edict, “Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.” 

Unity Consciousness is an ever evolving perfection of consciousness that understands the collective participation of the many to achieve the desire of the One. 

“The Great Plan” is the collective outworking of the Universal Father’s Will, by all creatures, to bring all things into a perfected state of unity.  Unity Consciousness is the collective inherent knowing to work together to achieve the desire of the Creator to have “all experience” in time-space.  Once the relative bucket of time-space experience has been met, the Great Plan then shifts and transcends to ultimate levels of reality—then to absolute levels and values.  For us, here and now, we are to become conscious of our souls and begin to understand what Unity Consciousness is and what it means for us at this level of our evolution in time-space.  

We have been under the veil of darkness and ignorance about this fact for 200,000 years, and our ignorance is not the fault of any human descendant or race, but of a terrible miscarriage by the architects of the Lucifer Rebellion, those administrators that betrayed their trust and diverged from Unity Consciousness as a way to separate from and abort the Great Plan.  Spirit Gravity—that divine drawing power of the Universal Father is inherent in Light.  Lucifer then concluded that to achieve separation from Spirit Gravity, rebels would need to go in the opposite direction from Light and descend into darkness as a way to achieve freedom through “Karmic Mirroring.”  All things required by the Creator as a qualification for perfection of consciousness—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, would have to be counterfeit and opposite to these attributes—deception, ugliness, and wickedness would become the mechanism for their divide.  The suffering of humanity throughout this period of darkness would be the lever for their continued sustenance for separation—the influence of rebel mind on human mind would secure the karmic mirroring needed to stay out of the reach of those great beings of light that manage the ascension careers of experiencial souls (pilgrims) seeking perfection through Unity Consciousness. 

We have now come to a place of great tension in our collective human experience.  The inertia of Spirit Gravity is about to overtake the momentum of rebellion and propel humanity into the collective realization of Unity Consciousness.  

We are not alone in this struggle, and it will take more than a slow ascent of wise choices or hard lessons to awaken humanity to the fact that we have been deceived by the human systems that were created under Luciferian architecture.  It is these systems and the anti-spirit of disunity consciousness that keeps the pendulum of human suffering swinging—producing the energy needed for karmic mirroring to succeed and for rebels to maintain control of their counterfeit secession.

When we look out into the world today, we see this anti-spirit of disunity consciousness operating with impunity in business (banking), in politics, in religion, in race relations, and in national sovereignty to uphold and reinforce the idea of separatism. Media amplifies the illusion of separation drawing our attention to the ugliness of the world—keeping the engine of karmic mirroring turning through fear and hopelessness.

The Great and Terrible OZ is not the Creator in disguise as first thought, but the rebel influence to cleverly cloak the machine that gives us the illusion of freedom by convincing mankind, through deception, to be the keepers of our own imprisonment.  It will take an act of deity (Equilibrium) to move in human mind to awaken Unity Consciousness—to see the man behind the curtain is not a benevolent care giver, but the feeder of the fatted calf made right for the slaughter.  Unity Consciousness lifts us above this level of deception to see the Truth (consequence of rebellion), the Beauty (absence of ugliness), and the Goodness (Creator’s Great Plan) as it exists in reality—not the counterfeit we see in the maya of our world.

One of the after effects of my own experience with Equilibrium in my 27th year was this sense of seeing through the illusion.  It was startling at first how blatant and in plain sight the illusion is upheld in the world through our human systems—that nothing was exempt from it—not even religion.  It took time for me to accept this and not become fanatic or depressed by it.  I used it as a driver to do the work I am doing today—to help others to recognize the Spirit of Truth and the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator’s Presence imprisoned in human mind waiting to be released through Equilibrium and Unity Consciousness.

I finally understood why Jesus wept as he looked down on Jerusalem from the highlands in his final days to awaken the world to this fact, but saw it was not to be in that day—the illusion was too great in the minds of men.  It would take an act of deity to bring about the critical mass needed for Unity Consciousness to awaken in the collective mind of humanity.  Critical mass is mounting, we all feel it at some level, and it finds its way into our outer world through the creative muse of the human spirit that can no longer contain the imprisonment of the Creator’s Indwelling Presence to express the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of the Father’s Great Plan.  

There is tremendous celestial pressure on our world to inspire us to unleash the Spirit Within, and soon, through Unity Consciousness, no illusion will be strong enough to contain it.  It’s coming—prepare for it, and take solace in it. 


Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/unity-consciousness-a-deeper-look