Understanding the Connection to Your Higher-Self (Part 2)

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 11 Aug 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

In continuation of our message last week, it is important to practice bringing your awareness to your Higher-self. Just as it is healthy to exercise the body to have good blood flow and muscle tone, so too is it important to sit in the silence and connect with the Heavenly Father through the Thought Adjuster, the Higher-self. Since this Fragment of God is personal and uniquely “tuned” to your soul, you have direct and immediate access and can communicate any thought, prayer, or desire at any time, night or day. To make this Presence of the Father more real and personal to you, you may name this pre-personal entity that lives within your mind and name Him or Her (you decide) anything you like. Bring Her in close and personal to you.

Since your Higher-self is the Master Operator and is personally assigned to your soul, She is closer to you than any, and is dutifully committed to “spiritulizing” your mind and setting you on a course toward spiritual unity with the Universal Father on Paradise. You may begin to hear her subtle voice as you begin to integrate your thoughts with the higher thoughts promoted by Her. A way to do this is to bring your awareness to Her in any given moment. This may sound difficult, yet there is a way to achieve this kind of connection.

There are three steps to developing a closer relationship with your Higher-self:

Schedule time for stillness meditation. This is a very important part of establishing your willingness to communicate and your desire to have conscious two-way communication. This is where your spiritual circuit to the Father is “thickened”—more can be given as the conduit is upgraded for greater spiritual input. This is the “God Level” of your relationship with the Higher-self.

Bring your awareness to your Higher-self in any idle moment whenever you are not distracted by material life. Simply acknowledge your awareness that She is there with you. To do this also means you may have to eliminate unnecessary distractions like media overload, watching TV, news, and entertainments that constantly fill the mind with chatter. Develop a more peaceful thought life and begin to converse with Her while driving, relaxing at home, or any place where you are not communicating with others. Begin to actively share experiences while you hold your awareness of the Higher-self. This is the “Self Level” of your relationship with the Higher-self.

Begin to refer and confer your thoughts with your Higher-self as you are actively engaged in service to others. As you are listening to a friend with a problem or need, bring your awareness to your Adjuster and ask for loving guidance in your questions and answers to that person or actively pray for their highest good as if you have split your attention between your friend and God. Be aware that both you and your friend have Thought Adjusters and that they can and do communicate with each other. Picture this connection while you service your friend’s needs. This is the “Service Level” of your relationship with the Higher-self.

The two most important things to hold in your mind when strengthening your connection to your Higher-self, is INTENTION and AWARENESS. Start today, my friends, and tap into the latent abilities that you were gifted with.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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