Understanding the Connection to Your Higher-Self (Part 1)

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about understanding the connection you have to your Higher-Self: The Father’s Presence within.  There is no higher spiritual contact you have than to connect with the Indwelling Spirit within you, for to do so is to actually make contact with the Creator of the Universe.  This is no myth my friends, this “Master Operator” that lives within your mind is the direct connection between you and the Universal Father on Paradise.  There is no time lag and no distance that will slow this line of communication—it is instantaneous because the Thought Adjuster, like mind, is outside of time and therefore no distance or gravity field can slow this connection you have.  Most humans have no idea how powerful this connection is and they rarely take advantage of this awesome power and ability that is inherent in each and every one of you to consciously make contact with the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

Picture this connection in your mind: Above your head hovers this brilliant shining orb like a small star that moves with you and is a part of you—an extension of you.  Extending out from the top of this divine brilliance is a cord like an illuminated wire-way that reaches up and connects to the center of infinity—directly to the Universal Father on Paradise—the home of deity.  This is the circuit of the Father and you are directly connected in the eternal moment—the forever now.  This connection is always present and remains with you throughout your life.

You are the experiential child of this Creator God and it is through this circuit that the Universal Father experiences life in the creation through you.  You are the eyes, ears, hands, and feet on the ground in this realm; the sensors and explorers in your world in time.  You literally share “all experiences” with the Creator of the Universe through this circuit of the Indwelling Spirit, and this is not a one way connection, but a circuit that flows both ways.  The true unconditional divine love of God flows through this connection and gently guides and directs your thoughts toward spiritual unity with the Father, yet only as much as you, through your sovereign free will, may allow.

The Father’s presence within you is preparing you for your next adventure in the higher realms of reality that await you after you have graduated from this rather difficult school of life on the worlds of time where your personalities are forged and tempered; where character is built and the unique nature of your identity is established, which will determine the propensities of your potentials that will carry you onward to your personal pathway home.  The line between who you are and the Adjuster is blurred: You and your God Fragment are nearly one entity.

The only thing that separates you from god consciousness is the animal mind, which battles for control of your thoughts—the ego—the protection mechanism for the animal mind.  The Father’s Presence works in the super-consciousness and feeds the soul in an attempt to break through the strong animal will and allow the mind to distinguish a difference between the course baser emotions and lower thoughts with the finer higher ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness.  It is the awakening child-like mind that opens like a flower, recognizes the difference, and “chooses” to let these higher thoughts and ideas in, which promotes soul growth and prepares you for your next adventure on the mansion worlds of your local system—the stepping stones to Paradise citizenship.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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