Try it before you buy it

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Chris: Teachers, a reader asks: There is a book by Mario Martinez who purports that there are three wounds that cause disease in the body: Shame, Betrayal, and Abandonment. He says that to heal the mind and body one needs to create a healing field of Honor, Loyalty, and Commitment and to do this, you must "embody" these qualities and through the expression of "righteous anger," you allow for the release and self-forgiveness of these energies through the breath. Could you please provide further guidance on this postulate and why it is that those who appear to be spiritually awakened continue to suffer from illness even though they fully understand the cause and effect?

Teacher Ophelius: Dear One, there is much truth in this concept yet “righteous anger” is not the only catalyst for the release of these negative energetic fields. You see, Dear One, you humans are far more powerful than you believe to be—you are co-creators by design and your beliefs (the story you tell yourself) are the embodiment of who you are presently. The physical manifestation of these beliefs becomes the outward appearance—the body in sympathy (health/disease). Mr. Martinez suggests replacing a negative belief (forms of fear) with a positive antithesis and by doing so the field that creates the disease shall transform into a field of vitality, but to do this, you must believe it—tell yourself a new story.

To activate a new belief, you must embody that belief, and to do this there needs to be “action.” Expression is a form of action and so this “righteous anger” would be one way to catalyze the gesture needed to put the belief into action—it becomes a “statement of intention” which becomes the “clarion call” for the healing to begin. However, merely stating the intention becomes hollow until action takes place. You may look like a duck, and quack like a duck, but until you walk like a duck, you are not a duck. Righteous anger, in this case, puts an exclamation point on the intention—it imprints more deeply in the sub-conscious—“I believe the new story because I can no longer accept or allow the belief in the old story which creates my suffering!”

Someone who appears to have awakened spiritually can be aware of the “story,” make statements of intention—may read widely on the subject and even teach it to others, but until it is set in motion through action, which becomes your new experience, you may not wholly believe it. If you are to replace Shame, Betrayal, and Abandonment with Honor, Loyalty, and Commitment you must go and do those things and “feel” what it is like to experience them. Only then can you re-program your beliefs which transform the energetic fields that become you.

This “re-programming” of your beliefs is a process—it is not something you do by flipping a switch, yet some people do this very quickly using a strong will to execute these ideas, while others may take a long period of cautious testing via cause and effect to get the story to sink in deep enough to begin to believe it. Beliefs are often “entrained” in the brain—the neuro pathways are well oiled and so only exceptional experiences can dislodge them from the well-worn ruts. Expressing and receiving love, mercy, and compassion (cause and effect) are what creates an exceptional experience because they are more real than those negative (fearful) beliefs which in many cases are exaggerated by a wounded heart. To change your beliefs you certainly must step outside your comfort zone and “try it before you buy it.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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