Today is Universal Thought Adjuster Day

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear friends, I declare September 6th on Urantia, “Universal Thought Adjuster Day.” You won’t find this holiday printed on your calendars, but let it be printed on your hearts. Today we honor the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator that lives within us and who so patiently and lovingly guides us and shares every thought and experience with us, for we are never alone and always shall we have this all wise fragment of the Creator at our side through the trials and the triumphs. How truly blessed you are to be divinely chaperoned as you journey inward toward paradise—to have eternal life, and to know that one day you shall stand in finality of perfection before the Father and receive His majestic welcome and intimate embrace. “All honor and glory to you, my beloved Indwelling, for you are the reason for my being!”

Let this day be special to you, my friends, and be aware of this most precious gift. As you go about your day experiencing life, pay attention to the fact that you are Indwelled by the Creator and that you share your thoughts and experiences with the divine Monitor. As you walk, or drive, or ride, do so as if you are going with a friend. Have a joyful experience today and bring your attention to your beloved soul-mate and acknowledge the divine presence—share the experience as if you are with your best friend. Laugh, be cheerful, and know that the I AM is within.

Being aware of the Father’s presence is the greatest way to expand your mind. Living on a world such as Urantia is full of challenges and many distractions. To bring one’s mind into unity with the I AM is to have the introspection of Spirit thought and Spirit values. When you have awareness of this presence, not only is your mind expanding, but your soul is growing as well! Know that every moment you bring your mind into the awareness of the Father’s presence; you grow and become more god-like. Is this not the greatest incentive you could have to train your mind to “be aware?”

My challenge to you dear students: How many times throughout your day, on this universal holiday, can you break free from the distractions of your material life and honor the Spirit within? Let us use the material world as a reminder. Whenever you see the word “love” or see the symbol of a heart, or hear the words, “I love you” in a song, bring your attention to your beloved Indwelling. Pick a special number, at time, or color, and assign it as a reminder of your eternal gift. Soon you will see the synchronicity of the divine begin to communicate with you.

The God Fragments are not silent, for they are always communicating with you, only you are mostly unaware. Now I have given you a tool to become aware. Use this tool, not only on this holiday, but every day and every moment you can break free from the doings of your busy life. You shall grow tremendously from it—this I most certainly can assure you.

Write this day on the Calendar of your heart, my friends, and start counting the blessings!

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