To Be or Not to Be

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

For all you blessed souls on Urantia that are indwelled by the Father’s Spirit, it should not be surprising for you to understand that your Thought Adjuster (TA) is the reason for your being.  The very reality whereby your consciousness operates is existential in the Father’s all pervading Spirit.  His Fragmented Nature that Indwells your mind and focuses on your life and its development is connected to the Source of all things—mind, energies, and every sub-atomic particle in the Universes.  Your personal consciousness is a division of the One Consciousness—you are connected to it and immersed in it.  To understand this integral relationship relative to your finite development—being an imperfect part of the Perfect Whole, you can expand your consciousness beyond the boundaries of your present awareness and discover that “child consciousness” has access to the “Parent Consciousness” and all the treasures of light and life therein.

What does this mean?  Simply, it means that you can become “god-like” by removing the perceived limitations of the imperfect mind.  What your world needs are more “visionaries” to “see beyond” the limitations of your imperfect world and bring those visions into reality.  To envision “some-thing” is an inherent ability of the child to create—to manifest a vision, is an act of deity—co-creation.  Your will to create a vision is the first step in the process of handing that vision to deity for processing.  When you “see it” the Thought Adjuster also sees it and understands the vision.  Your limitation, that which thwarts manifestation, is your self-imposed boundary—that you are acting alone, or your vision is not a true desire.

What then is a “true desire?”  A true desire is having the willpower, faith, and trust, to bring forth a vision without limitation—you believe that it shall become your reality—you “see it” and care not about the voices of your conditioning that say, “It is not possible given your place and circumstance according to authority.”  Your TA is the Creator and partner in your co-creative team.  The TA has no limitations—it is only your imperfect thoughts that dampen the manifestation of co-creation.  In a truer sense, the TA works in the all pervading presence of the Father to manifest exactly what you desire according to your “qualification” of that vision.  As Shakespeare once said, “To be or not to be, that is the question?”  Much of human thought falls on the side of “not-to-be” and so it is—it is the perfect manifestation that answers the question: “What is my desire according to my qualification?”

Mass consciousness is beginning to recognize the pattern of “not-to-be” so many times that it now sees something wrong with the narrative.  Urantians are struggling to understand how the quality of their thoughts affects their reality.  When you give others the authority to think for you—it is their vision, not yours, and often that vision is not something that benefits the quality of your life or your growth as an individual.  Recognizing this disparity can lead to only one conclusion:  You, your consciousness, your thoughts, and the qualification of your desires is your responsibility.  Change begins with you and by expanding your consciousness to see above the limitations of your conditioning.

You, my dear students, are indwelled by the Spirit of the Father that has no limitations.  Be a visionary and see something that shall improve the quality of your life and provide a way of growth for your soul—then expand that vision and see it for all others.  Move your thoughts on the side of “to-be” and witness the power of the co-creative process.

It is within you,

I AM Uteah

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