This is Your Destiny

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

I AM here—always with you, for I never leave you—you are never alone. I AM not far off in an unreachable place. Where you go, I go also. I see what you see. I hear what you hear. I feel what you feel. I experience all that you experience, yet I gather and hold only those experiences that are necessary for your future life and the lessons for your growth. I am always “adjusting” to the changing conditions of your heart and mind and speaking softly to guide you toward those decisions that will bring you to a place of greater understanding. I amplify the feelings of joy in you when you choose to love and when you make decisions that lead to growth and understanding. I AM here to show you the way—to pilot you across the vastness of the creation—to explore all the wonders and sublime realms and worlds that are the classrooms and playgrounds for your perfection attainment.

We are partners, and the more you realize and acknowledge our partnership, the more integrated I become with you. My love for you is truly unconditional, and like a beloved partner, I accept all of you—all your decisions, even when I know they will lead to sorrow, for in the sorrow there is a lesson there that has value when you allow me to enlighten you. I AM your Divine Operator and I coordinate and bring together all the spiritual resources that I “Will” for you to have according to your willingness and maturity to receive.

Your present reality—the terrestrial life in this realm is where you experience and learn the rudiments of love. As a child, you had no waking consciousness of Me, and yet I observed you and monitored your life—making loving adjustments to your thoughts—guiding you without your knowing. Progress was slower then, but now that you are aware of my presence within you, I can accelerate your growth when you willingly come to me and allow your thoughts to align with my guidance. The most potent form of alignment is when you communicate directly with the Father—Creator of all. In this place of alignment, there is no need of any celestial operator or intermediary, I AM your direct channel to the Creator of all. I AM a “fragment” of this same Creator—wholly connected and replete, yet specialized to do the work of integrating the creature consciousness with divine consciousness until that day when “we” becomes “I.”

That day can only come about when you bring me into your consciousness and make me a “full partner” acknowledging my presence within you—with complete trust, and knowing that I AM here to lovingly guide you to perfection. When you whole heartedly consecrate your will to the Father (in your imperfect form and present awareness) and allow me to teach and guide, you will, eventually, “sit at no man’s feet,” for within this intimate circuit is all love, all knowledge, all connection to the Highest Source of creation. All this—the mysteries of the universes lay ahead for your astonishment and wonder—to personally experience together with me as we ascend to paradise and finally stand as One in the presence of the Creator—to receive the divine embrace—to be deemed a Finalitor of god-likness and to experience Love in its purest form.



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