This Grand Moment is your Grounding Rod

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my friends, we would like to talk about the one true and constant reality that shall be ever present with you throughout your life, here and hereafter—the Indwelling Presence of the Father—the Creator of all realities, things, and creatures. He truly lives within you, and it matters not what you think or believe; how you were raised; or what you do for a living. Even in the most spiritually disconnected individual, the Father’s Presence resides, waiting, shaping, and pointing the way toward the awakening moment when that child will at last discover this awesome fact that they are just as loved and just as important as any child in His entire creation. He has invested Himself in you because only you can answer His edict, “Be you perfect even as I am perfect,” in a most unique way that no other child can answer and fulfil. You were created for this purpose—to fulfil a destiny and to solve certain universe problems that nobody but you can solve. Yes, believe it—you, only you.

When the Creator looks at you, he sees not this frail, scared, or lonely child struggling to find his or her way in the world—He sees the greatness of who you are from the beginning to the end and the potentials that shall develop to bring the treasure of who you are back home to Him after your long and astonishing journey through His creation. He sees the heart and how it has grown from a tiny spark of a newborn child to a blazing orb like a sun that emits the light of divine love nigh equal to that of His own. Yes, you, my friends, have this potential within you—to actually become near equal in your capacity to love and attain god-like powers as you ascend the heavens and move closer to the Isle of Paradise where you shall stand in the actual presence of the Creator Father and receive the embrace of Finality. This grand moment is your “grounding rod” that shall remind you that no matter what happens to you in this life or in any moment here or hereafter, you are bound for greatness—a most god-like destiny.

This one true and constant fact of reality is what sustains all of us who have awakened to His Divine Presence. Each step we take that brings us closer to that eternal embrace brings with it a greater measure of divine understanding and the unspeakable feeling of unity with all creation. We live for this and to do that which serves the greater good of all—the Father’s Will. The reward for this service is the expansion of our being to see and feel a greater portion of the totality of His eternal and infinite genius. If ever you can think of one moment in your life where you felt the deepest feeling of love for anyone—a friend, a lover, or a child, you only have felt or understood the tiniest measure of what He has planned for you to know. You shall have moments where every cell and fiber of your being and intellect is ignited with unspeakable divine love and unity where you feel this grounding of who you are and who He is.

How blessed you are to have been created and given life—to be known by name and to have your name written in the Book of Life as a child of this all wise, all knowing, and all loving Creator who calls you to be like Him and to achieve the glory and greatness of Finality. Hold this vision in your mind, my friends, and let it be your grounding rod for all that you do and experience in this world.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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