The Willingness to Change

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about the willingness to change.  What do I mean by this?  The willingness to change is the degree at which you allow the Indwelling Spirit to align the mind with higher values and meanings, thus creating a more direct channel for soul building, where opportunities for survival increase and the awareness of imperfection becomes apparent.  This “willingness to change” is the key to all success in life and progress in eternity, for without it, there is no movement and life stagnates and becomes meaningless.  Embracing change brings opportunity, and opportunity provides the vehicle for discovering the true self and the untapped potential that lies hidden in every man, woman, and child.

Have you ever struggled with some problem in life that seems to keep reoccurring—something that vexes the heart and mind and is constantly reminding you of the discomfort of resistance to change?  This is an opportunity, my friend, to explore the possibilities of higher awareness—to subdue the ego and allow the Indwelling Spirit to teach you how to move one degree closer to godlike perfection.

Can you think of a situation where you swallowed your pride and let go of malice and allowed forgiveness and mercy to soften the heart and heal the mind of some injury to the ego?  This is faith at work—the allowance for change in the hope for greater understanding of the I AM—to reveal another layer of the mystery, which asks the question, “who am I.”  The willingness to change is the catalyst for all progress and growth and is the individual’s ultimate procurement of free will.

Humans were created imperfect by design to allow for a greater depth of experience, moving from imperfection to Godlike perfection.  Being the children of the Creator, all share those experiences with the Supreme Being, the God of experience. Your willingness to change, to move away from selfishness and separation, and toward perfection and unity, provides the depth of experience for the Supreme Being to explore Himself (the Universal Father) and to answer the question for all beings in the creation, “who am I.”

Your contribution to this exploration of the Ultimate and Absolute Self is priceless and valued above all and so you are divinely loved by the Creator and shown the way to perfection as willingly as you allow for change—to move from one state of awareness to another.  Those that are slow to progress, or those that fail to survive, are those that use their free will to solidify error and to maintain separation by refusing to exercise their will to change—to maintain present awareness and to reject all opportunities for change.

View life from every angle my friends and explore all possibilities as does the Creator, for this is how you become God-like and move accordingly with the divine plan as one organism.  When you choose willingly to change, you become a participant in the creation of the time-space universes and you will therefore share in the divine joy of discovering the I AM.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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