The Vital Ingredients

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about the importance of developing a spiritual map for the afterlife and the main ingredients needed to assure your transition for the continuance of identity and spiritual continuity.  There are far too many on Urantia that are passing through without a map—believing in nothing and finding bewilderment, fear, and darkness when the transitions comes.  This is not what Christ Michael wants for you.  He wants you to know the way, know the truth, and have life everlasting, and so we are here, your teachers, to enlighten, that you may know, and those in your circles may know through you, the way home.

1.  The first ingredient is to recognize the Source, the Creator Father,

The Almighty Upholder, the Creator of all life in the grand universe and

beyond, and understand the sovereignty of God as universal, all wise,

everywhere present, all powerful, and eternal.

2.  The second ingredient is to understand the paradox of God.

A.  God is furthest from you: Man being created in an imperfect state,

most unlike God, but created to learn, grow, and gain experiential

wisdom, to become godlike through the ascension process—to learn

how to love.

B.  God is closest to you: Through the agency of the Indwelling Spirit,

a fragment of divinity that lives and works in your mind, teaching,

leading, coordinating, and piloting you through life, giving as much love

and assistance as your free will may allow to spiritize your mind and

your thinking for the development of your soul—the embodiment and

essence of who you really are—the survivable vessel for your continuing

life on the mansion worlds (the hereafter).

3.  The third ingredient is to have faith and believe you are a child

of this Creator Father.

Having accepted this gift as sons and daughters, available to all, without

condition, you are granted the right of eternal life if you so choose to take

the grand adventure to become godlike and move ever inward, from life

station to life station, learning, growing, and serving in the creation and

becoming co-creators with God.

4.  The fourth ingredient is to know where home is.

Be confident and have the faith that all has been prepared for you—that

your homecoming is anticipated and the way made clear for you to enter

into your inheritance.  Believe that when you breathe your last breath in

this life, that your Indwelling Spirit (the keeper of your mind transcripts

and experiences), and your Guardian Angel ( the keeper of your soul trust)

will come together on the third day and awaken you in your new home on

the mansion worlds—the training worlds of human ascension and


These basic ingredients are needed to assure a smooth transition and a joyous reunion on the mansion worlds.  Be therefore confident in your survival and enjoy your life on the worlds of time and space knowing this is only the beginning of an unending astonishing career of life and service in the creation.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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