The Viewpoint of Eternity

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about understanding and maintaining the eternal viewpoint.  What do I mean by this?  Life on an evolutionary world, such as yours, one in much confusion, having achieved a moderate level of technology, where wars still persist and elite power structures rule over the daily life of its inhabitants, there is a constant battle of the mind where your thoughts and actions are distracted and directed toward temporal problem solving, media marketing, and profane disinformation.  So many on your world have little faith or give little thought to the bigger questions in life which leads to a plethora of psychological dysfunctions and mounting social unrest.  It is vital for you and for your world to understand that you all possess a growing soul and that you are here to prepare for the next phase of human existence.

Life on an evolutionary world is the cradle and the jump-start beginning of an eternal career—an ascendant life in the grand universe where you have the opportunity to become perfect and godlike where you will change and grow and move from one realm to another, learning, teaching, and accumulating much knowledge and wisdom as you move inward toward the Great Source and Center of all there is.  You are the experiential children in time space of a Creator God who is Himself experiencing life in the creation on finite levels through the lives of all of you, his experiential children.

Since everything in the creation—every material substance and living being that ever was created, has its origin in this Creator, all are connected to this all life giving Source.  Humans, being the lowest of will creatures that can know God, have the greatest opportunity to experience change from the beginnings of an animal existence on the worlds of time, to the sublime heights of perfection in the eternal spheres of Havona and Paradise.  This journey to perfection should be the ultimate goal in the minds of all men and women on your world—sadly this viewpoint is given little thought.

Holding this one thought in your mind—that we are all connected to the Source of creation, and that we all live and move and have our being in this Source, and that we all have the opportunity to live eternally and achieve godlike perfection—this one thought, should all on your world have, would solve much of your problems and bring supreme joy, light, and life to this now darkened sphere.

Think about it, my friends—how can you go to war with your brothers and sisters knowing we are all indwelt by the same Spirit of the living God?  How can you kill, deceive, and steal from one another when in truth, we are all one?  Only the self-absorbed consciousness of illusionary separatist thinking, where scarcity is falsely projected in a universe of true abundance, can such misery and suffering exist.  Free yourself from this suffering and maintain the viewpoint of eternity—embrace the unity of being.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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