The Ultimate Multi-tasker

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear Friends and students on the path, I wish to impart to you a new way to think about the Creator Father and about your integral relationship with Him. Many of you have limited understanding about what the Indwelling Spirit is (the Thought Adjuster) and how this pre-personal Fragment of the Creator can be both a divine guide—a living presence in your mind, and a direct channel to the Universal Father on paradise—the center of infinity. If you think about it in terms of relationships, you can better understand the nature of the Universal Father and how He operates in His creation and why He is so connected personally to you.

Because your finite mind cannot grasp the paradoxical concepts of infinity and timelessness, you are in need of some metaphor that can help you understand the mechanics of the relationship between you and the Creator Father. Metaphors only represent an image or and anchor for comparison with something you are familiar with in your present life experience, and so it is beneficial that you think about these images as something that is coming into focus, but not clear in this present moment.

The Universal Father is the ultimate “multi-tasker.” He has the creative ability to divide his Universal Mind (parent consciousness) into infinite fractals and use each fragment of His consciousness to execute His Will and escape from the domains of infinity and timelessness to explore Himself and His creation in the universes of time. The Thought Adjusters are these fractal pieces of Universal Mind that go out into the time-space universes and “connect” with each of you—the children of the Creator on the terrestrial worlds of time. Once connected to their hosts, they become unique entities (pre-personal) because of their personal relationship with an experiential being in time and space. They are the monitors and spiritual operators who guide His children through the Grand Odyssey—the adventures of time.

Each Fragment is a harvester of experiences and it tailors its divine attention to a new idea (you and your life plan in time and eternity) created with the exclusive intention to freely co-create with an undeveloped vessel—to climb the ladder of eternity together with the child from imperfection to perfection and gather all experiences along the journey which contribute (like a river flowing into an ocean) to the grand equation for bringing all creation to completion and perfection (the Great Plan). You, my friend, are the beloved child who the Creator exclusively chose to co-create with Him to work out this “new idea” and for which you are divinely loved and cherished for your participation.

It is His desire that all His children understand the Great Plan, and now it is time for you to understand that portion for which you have capacity to see. Knowing only a metaphor for this relationship is enough for you to develop the faith to continue the journey and imagine the astonishing experiences that await you as you work with the Father Fragments to plot a course to the center of infinity. As you experience each moment in faith with the ever changing metaphor, the image and the relationship with your Creator becomes clearer and more in focus. The detail you see in the moment is a reflection of your perfection status. As you journey, explore, and experience life, here and hereafter, your vision expands as the Father reveals something new. It is the Thought Adjuster that opens the door and points you in the direction of this new discovery when you are ready to see and allow for a clearer view.

How blessed you are to be the host of such a supremely divine Creator.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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