The True Meaning of Peace, Love, and Understanding

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about Peace, Love, and Understanding, for it is these three simple words that are so very misunderstood on your world. Many think they know what these words mean, yet they are held in the mind of most as vague and unattainable concepts—like something out of a child’s storybook. To know the true meaning of any of these three words, you must experience them, for without experience, they remain conceptual and shall ever be out of reach. To move a world from the barbarism of war; the self-indulgence of greed; and the bigotry of hate, its people must practice and experience the opposite side of these three destructive forces by acting with courage to choose the constructive forces of Peace, Love, and Understanding, which are the attributes of an enlightened society called “Light and Life.”

To know the true meaning of any one of these three words is to know them all, for each is a pillar in a triad of divine attributes—each reflective of the other. To know and experience Peace, one must be willing to bridge the divides of war and strife with Love and Understanding. To know and experience Love is to be vulnerable and courageous enough to accept it and by accepting Love is to know Peace through Understanding. To know and experience Understanding is to stand in the shoes of others—to find common ground and to extenuate the positive things that bring unity—unity breeds Peace, and Peace, fosters Love.

What is it that prevents most people from acting on and experiencing Peace, Love, and Understanding? It is Fear and Pride, my friends. Fear is a strong opponent of Faith that stands by and watches opportunity slip away. Pride slaps the hand of forgiveness and cast away Peace and turns a blind eye to Love. Fear and Pride are the lowest and most destructive seeds of animal emotions that bind a soul and prevent it from growing. These are self-imposed limitations that infect like a disease that prevents the inner light of the higher nature from shining through.

It is this Inner Light—the Indwelling Spirit of God that lives in all people that operates on Peace, Love, and Understanding. Therefore, if you choose to act on and experience Peace, Love, and Understanding, you are doing the Will of the Creator because you are allowing the Indwelling Spirit of God to move through you and bring about change in a world that so desperately needs to know the true meaning of life. The transformation of the world from darkness into light can only happen when you, as one individual, choose to grow. It does not matter to you what your neighbor chooses, for their path is affected by actions of others who, in turn, will make choices that reflect the nature of their souls, yet love is more infectious than hate and can heal an entire planet if first it is courageously embraced by each of you.

Is there something you can do today, my friends, that will help you to grow in the direction of Peace, Love, and Understanding? What are you afraid of? Go within and see where these fears live and courageously flush them out into the open.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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