The “Three Bs” of Universe Citizenship

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to speak about the “Three Bs” of universe citizenship: “Being,” “Becoming,” and “Benevolence.” It is these three core values that represent the pursuit of the soul as it ascends inward toward unity with the Creator of all. It is a pattern of progression that all beings that become spiritually “aware” begin to follow as they live their lives wherever they find themselves on the path to perfection. It is this divine pattern then, which is imprinted in the soul-mind and becomes the mechanism that drives it to seek perfection and “god-likeness.” You may even learn to recognize it; prioritize it; and move with it as you go about your daily life here on earth.

1.) Being – “To Live and Move and have your Being” is to develop the personal soul-mind through the self-reflection of past experiences and the assimilation of new knowledge by shared experience, whereby the meanings and values extracted are transformed into personal wisdom—the process of building a philosophical understanding of the soul and it’s place on the path in relationship to divine order. Being is a realization of “what is” and recognition of one’s own imperfections, which you can accept as a part of your personal quest to transform and transcend from a lessor state to a greater state of perfection. Self-love, acceptance, tolerance, and love of others is the result of healthy “being.”

2.) Becoming – is a process for which you actively participate with those who can teach and lead you to greater awareness and higher circles. You are analyzing the patterns and behaviors of those who stand in higher circles and earnestly seek understanding of methods and processes by which you may overcome the barriers that you now face in your current place of development. It is the assimilation of like values and role-modeling that leads to progress and ascension. The idea of learning from others with the intent of experiencing for yourself the higher meanings and values of the lessons being taught. To simply “know of” another's journey only provides a map and direction for your own journey for which you may find a new and more beautiful way to express the Divine Will. Become an open, discerning, willing learner.

3.) Benevolence – is to actively participate in charitable acts and service to others of equal or lessor standing (in spiritual awareness) for their benefit as to assist them in understanding the meanings and values of where you have been and what you have learned that moved you through some barrier or stuck mindset that prevented you from expressing the Divine Will. Teaching therefore, is as valuable as learning and completes a circle of achievement that all beings must demonstrate as they ascend and ascertain divine character. To do good unto others with the intention as to alleviate unnecessary suffering is a noble trait that demonstrates god-like character.

These three values or “patterns” of universe citizenship can be a part of your daily life here and hereafter. This is the wind that drives the ebb and flow of universe completion.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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