The Spirit Quotient – Part 2

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, dear one, we shall continue our discussion on the “Spirit Quotient”—the value that determines the measure of planetary consciousness. There is a popular phrase on your world called “the tipping point.” What that means in terms of mass consciousness is that there shall come a time when there are enough minds operating at a higher level of spiritual awareness that eventually there will be a marked upsurge in the majority of minds on the planet that will begin to awaken and start to recognize that something is wrong with the world. This awakening shall be the first heartbeat of the coalescing organism of humanity to move away from the old models of thought that keeps the mass consciousness of the planet divided and distracted from seeing the benefits of unity and brotherhood to improve the quality of life for all people around the world.

Your world is not yet to this point, but progress is being made. Those “blueprints” I spoke about—the life plan of the individual, is directly affected by the spirit quotient of the planet and each generation will have a blue print that takes this into consideration when the life plan for the individual soul is born into the world. Theses blue prints are markedly different for the infants being born into the world today than it was for the previous generation. The challenge now for Spirit is to assist humanity to create a more favorable environment where these new plans can find fertile ground to grow and manifest—bringing the spirit quotient closer to the tipping point.

The Correcting Time has been initiated to bring into alignment many factors that contribute to the favorable conditions for such a tipping point to occur. The planet itself, Urantia, is also transforming energetically in parallel with the spirit quotient of humanity, and every soul that awakens as a universe citizen elevates the entire circuit of mass human consciousness allowing Urantia to raise the frequency of her “operating system” for which all consciousness functions therewith.

You students on the path have an important role to play in this Correcting Time. There are many souls here with the blue prints for universe citizenry who are very near their own tipping point to awaken to their purpose and put in place the precursor plans for others to follow who have an even more dynamic role in the contribution to a higher spiritual quotient on Urantia. One of the most important ideas to remember is that Spirit is only here to assist you mortals on the ground. You must be the change that shall lead to the tipping point. We cannot do it for you, but we certainly shall take every liberty to point the way and lead you to a greater destiny.

We are involved in this work because we (Spirit and the awakened mortals of the realm) are all operating in relative unity and willingly participating in the Great Plan. We see the benefit to all personalities in the universe when corrective action is taken to bring a rebellious planet back into the divine flow of universe destiny. The rewards for this service are incalculable and the reverberations from such an undertaking shall echo unto Paradise. We often find that in the journey of doing the Will of the Universal Father, it may produce surprising new ideas and outcomes that have never been realized in the entire grand universe. These are the golden nuggets to discover for the children of the Creator when they align their will with the Creator’s Great Plan.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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