The Spirit Quotient of Planetary Consciousness

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear One, there have been questions asked about human nature, the quality of the soul, and why it is that some people, regardless of intelligence, seem to have more of an affinity for god consciousness and god seeking than others. If we all start out at birth with personality—the gift of the Universal Father, and then receive the Indwelling Spirit—the Thought Adjuster at or near age six when humans make their first moral decision, why do we see such disparity in the path of spiritual development? Is it in the DNA or are there some other factors that determine the path of spiritual growth? To even begin to understand these complex things at the individual level, we must first zoom out to see the bigger picture—something most on your world fail to see.

DIVERSITY!—I have you write this in bold capital letters so that you keep this word in the forefront of your mind as we consider the nigh infinite variables that make up a human life—both here and hereafter. As I have said many times before—the Universal Father is actively engaged at every level of reality and in the lives of His children to answer the primal question: “Who AM I?” That question requires that it be answered through diversity of experience—through the lives of each and every one of you, no matter how life plays out on the worlds of time—that it be determined by the free will of the personality in concert with other personalities all working together as an organism that coalesces at various levels; and in groups and patterns, and then keeps changing and developing uniquely in the universe. It is all these sub-totals of values that calculate, compound, and recalculate that move this unique organism down the river of life toward perfection, as you, I, they—the organism, answers the call of the Universal Father: “Be you perfect, even as I AM perfect.”

Even a world such as yours that has been “cloaked” by the Lucifer rebellion—one living in darkness and ignorance about the nature of God, the universe, and the path of human ascension, has developed unlike any other world in the grand universe, and that, my friend, has a value. Notwithstanding this unique path of development and its contribution to the total equation of universal understanding, it is now come to the point where its “uniqueness” is placing a drag on the greater coalescing organisms in the universe to move toward Light and Life, and so it is that the Correcting Time (which includes the bestowal of Christ Michael as Jesus) has been established to help this “difficult child” through the birth canal and into a new reality—a more real awareness of the Great Plan—the path toward Light and Life.

The individual personality and its unique path of development is “seeded” by the complexities of both the coalescing organism and the help of the “Mid-wife” (Spirit) to bring the child into the world of light. Each child when it is born brings with it a “blue print,” which is a plan that fits into the equation that shall most likely contribute to the movement of the coalescing organism toward divine destinies. Not every soul shall “wake up” to the Great Plan, become god-conscious, and participate “willingly” during their brief stay on Urantia, yet they are contributing to the coalescing organism whether they are aware or not. Many will have to be educated on the mansion worlds while they are in a more demonstrative environment of peace and safety and where the values of evolutionary life can be more objectively considered apart from the destructive influences of planetary culture.

Those who are now awaking to the higher consciousness of spirit are more or less working with the Mid-wife to correct the birth defects of the less aware children while in the womb. This assistance by the more spiritually progressive minds on the ground is immensely helpful toward shifting the consciousness of the coalescing organism and getting it back on track with the Great Plan. And so do the Thought Adjusters of various experience levels contribute to influence their intimate hosts to move toward those “destiny points” that can make a difference in the development of their world and in the “Spirit Quotient” of planetary consciousness.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note: The phrase “…destructive influences of planetary culture” means many things from war, hatred, greed, lack of compassion, to apathy and complacency, or a life of relative ease where introspection and objectivity is replaced by temporal and material impetus. These are the things that block Spirit influence and guidance. This is why it is so important to have spiritually aware individuals on the ground that have more direct inspiration to affect those who are spiritually blocked by the influences of planetary culture.

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