The Soul Building Process - Part #3

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

In this brief on the soul building process we will look at what constitutes a survival value experience and what practical value those experiences have in forming the surviving morontia soul. In the short duration of time spent in earth life, it is wise to give thought to the value of your experiences and to maximize your time in building the best “you” there can be.

Like any well prepared traveler, it is beneficial to plan ahead for a long journey and pack things that you would most likely need when visiting a new land. Your “backpack” is the embryonic soul—it is the container for all those worthwhile experiences that will help you to navigate and explore this new land you will surely visit. Because you are traveling light, you would not pack unnecessary items that would weigh you down and knowing that you are not always adept at deciding what to take and what to leave, your “Smart Assistant” and “GPS”—the Thought Adjuster (TA), knows the way and proficiently filters your check list of items deemed necessary for the journey.

So, what should you bring? Imagine what it will be like to visit this new land. What are the people like there? What are the customs? What’s the weather like? What is the economy like? Are there any dangers? Imagine this heaven-like place and think about what you would need to actually “live” there.

Since there is no money economy, you will not need currency, silver, gold, or any of the experiences in your current life that pertain to the procurement of money—Wow, that’s a huge chunk of human life experience is it not? What about all those experiences you are not proud of that include anger, resentment, cruelty, abusiveness, judgment, selfishness, un-forgiveness, and other experiences that did not serve you well in your current life? They will not be needed there because there is no practical or future use for such valueless meanings.

If you think about only the very best experiences you had in life—the joys of life that you retain fond memory of—those are the things that will serve you in your next life on the mansion worlds. Loving relationships are the first and most important experiences the TA will likely retain for you. Those experiences that involve the discovery of truth, the joy of creating or beholding beauty, and the experiences of “being” in a state of goodness—those times and situations where you enjoyed living life are the most valuable experiences for the Supreme Being to experience with you. All the hurtful, shameful, contemptible experiences (non-survival values) will fall away like scaffolding when you make the transition.

Think about this: If 90% of your life experience was lived in the pursuit of non-survival values, what would be in your backpack? Only crumbs, my friends, and there would not be much of “you” left to begin this new life. You would be unprepared for your new life and would have a difficult time making the transition. When life experience encompasses LOVE in any way, shape, or form, it is sure to make the check list and be included in your backpack. Pack wisely my friends and choose to experience life in a way that will progressively serve you in your present life and in your future career.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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