The Soul Building Process - Part #2

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

In continuance of our discussion on the soul building process, we will now look at the roles of the three soul processors—the mind, the heart, and the Thought Adjuster (TA). Each of them play an important part in determining what experiences, meanings, and values are harvested for soul building and eternal survival. The order in which these three processors are listed here is sequential to the order in which all experiences are processed—from the physical aspect of human awareness (the brain and the five senses), to the emotional center (the heart), to the spiritual operator (the TA). All three are necessary and all three work together in accordance with the free will prerogatives established by the Universal Father which assures relative untethered and diverse experience harvesting.

The mind, the heart, and the TA can be thought of like the three branches of democratic government—the legislative branch (mind), the executive branch (heart) and the judicial branch (the TA). To build a healthy and weighty soul, all three must function together, and communicate laterally sending feedback for wisdom gathering, yet for many, the executive branch can often bypass the judicial branch by executive order and make decisions that are not necessarily of survival value. The ability of a government to serve the highest good for its constituency is determined by the quality of the members of the legislative and executive branches—the judicial branch only contains one member (the TA) and He retains sovereign authority in what passes through to the soul.

There is a two party system at work in the first two branches—those members (human thoughts) that are more aligned with fear and those that are more aligned with human love (conditional love)—the TA operates exclusively on Divine Love (unconditional love). There is constant debate among these partisan members which does not always serve the greater good of the soul, yet the debate is essential to the functioning of free will. The judicial branch (TA) has no authority over what the other two branches do or what experiences they will entertain, yet the TA will express its opinion in certain matters, which the executive and legislative branches can take under consideration or ignore completely.

The legislative branch (mind) searches out and brings life experiences through the senses and presents them to the executive branch (the heart) for a decision on whether it will pursue the current course of action or will choose another based on the wisdom of past events. If the majority of its members belong to the Fear Party, then it is more likely the decisions of the executive branch (heart) will be subservient to the ego and the experiences will be discordant and not likely to pass through the judiciary. If it is more dominated by the Love Party, the decisions of the heart are more likely to fall in favor of love, mercy, and compassion and the experiences are more likely to pass through the judicial branch and on into the soul. The judiciary (TA) holds the experiences up to the light and compares them to the precedence set by the Universal Father by the criteria of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (the constitution).

The operations of the three soul processors are more complicated than this parity suggests, yet it is meant to stimulate your own thoughts about how experiences are processed. In part #3 of this series, we will look at the experiences themselves and what practical value they serve for the surviving soul.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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