The Soul Building Process - Part #1

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about the soul building process and the three main processors—the mind, the heart, and the Thought Adjuster, (in this order) and how these three components work together to feed the growing morontia soul. By knowing the process, and how these processors work together, you may become more effective in growing a weightier soul by making conscious decisions where you determine the quality of your experiences—“what goes in.”

We must first understand what the soul actually is. This, my friends, is a lengthy subject all of its own, but I will define it here in brief: The soul can be thought of as a growing embryo—like a fetus—an unborn child that is growing within you. You are the mother of this growing child and therefore it is important that you care for your own health (both mental and physical) because of the consequence it may have on the growing child within. You would not smoke, drink alcohol, take harmful drugs, or partake in dangerous activities, for this may have a detrimental outcome on the child’s health when it is born and could lead to developmental disabilities. Moreover, you would love this child while in the womb, speak to her, read, sing perhaps, and nurture this child even before you could hold her because this child is a part of you.

You would put the very best of who you are into the care of this unborn child knowing she will be wholly dependent on you for all her needs when she is born. In anticipation for her arrival, you prepare the child’s room, find a comfortable crib, gather little outfits, and fill the room with stimulating objects, toys, and artwork—perhaps even start a college fund for her education. You are planning for the future of this child’s life and wanting the very best for her life experiences.

The soul, my friends, IS wholly dependent on you for its development and therefore it is beneficial for you to take great care in the decisions you make in life, both great and small. The soul is the very best part of who you are and what you are becoming. Therefore, this unborn child is really you! It is the “you” who will pick-up and live life in the next phase of your ascendant career on the mansion worlds of your local system. Wouldn’t you want to build the very best “you” there could be while you are living in this world? You have “everything” to do with the pro or atrophic development of your soul.

Many of you have never thought about the soul this way, yet this is so important for your future development both here and hereafter! The womb is your current life—your interest, your relationships, your activities, your adventures, your thought life—all those things that “feed” your experiences, which become the “palate” for the appetite of the soul. Not all of the foods on your plate will become integrated into the body of the soul, only those worthy experiences, values, and moral decisions that embody Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and deemed “of survival value” by your Thought Adjuster (the third processor) become a part of your growing soul.

How do we know what experiences and values the Thought Adjuster will harvest and which will be discarded with the flesh? How do we optimize the process and maximize our time? This we will explore in part #2 of this message. Until then, please think about the pediatric care of your soul—the unborn “you” and what you are feeding this child and how you are nurturing her.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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