The Single Most Unifying Principle

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

All people have mind (consciousness) that is Indwelled by the Presence of the Universal Father.  This “Presence” is a Fragment of Deity that is “focused” to uniquely guide each of you as you experience life here and hereafter.  Of all the mysteries and enigmas that pervade human consciousness, the understanding of this concept—of being personally guided by a fragment of the Universal Father Himself, is the greatest and most misunderstood revelation.  It is the single most unifying principle that exists, and when understood, even at the most rudimentary level, it can transform mind and elevate human consciousness to see beyond its self-imposed limitations—it is the key that unlocks all mysteries and enigmas—the problems of the human condition.

If you agree with this statement of existential fact, then you have already begun your transformation of mind and are building a soul that is maturing at an accelerated rate—destined to continue your maturation in the higher worlds of light as it was intended for all souls that possess this Indwelling Presence of the Creator.  On normal developing worlds in the local universes of time, this unifying concept is introduced early on by the celestial administrators of those worlds and by the incarnate intermediaries that represent these managers throughout the subsequent epochs of planetary evolution.  This ensures that the souls being born to these worlds will follow the divine plan for an “intended ascension.”  Your world, because of the ensuing Lucifer Rebellion, which offered no understanding of this ascension plan, was denied this basic unifying concept.

The result of this absence of light knowledge in your lineage has produced a large class of immature souls that are in need of very basic remedial development.  This deficit prevents these souls from entering the intended ascension path in the higher worlds of your local universe (the mansion worlds) until they attain the requisite planetary experience required by their Father Fragments.  These souls, therefore, must learn through “virtual experience” what was denied them by this absence of light knowledge (during planetary life) to bring them to a maturity level at par with the intended ascension plan.

The mechanics of this remedial path (of souls) is complex, misunderstood, and controversial as it seems to suggest to some the evidence of past lives that sometimes surface in the current lives of humans as they work through trauma and discover these residual inequities in the subconscious mind.  This remedial method to assist these souls through virtual experience (via soul fragmentation) has now ended and they are now to continue their training on mansion world number one.

Through the process of purification by the Universal Censor, the stain of rebellion has been purged from these souls that were once barred entry into the mansion worlds.  This purification process ensures that the rebellion mindset cannot re-enter into Urantian consciousness through the remedial path of virtual experience.  Children born under this dispensation will not carry the fragments of these souls in need of requisite experience.  Once the stain of rebellion is removed from consciousness, the Father Fragments can better guide these souls to understand the Grand Adventure and the meanings and values of eternal life. The requirements for the intended ascension plan have been effectively met through purification.

Your world is an “elect planet” entering an enlightened age. It is the Will of Christ Michael that present and future generations understand the unifying principle—that all people are the children of a loving Creator, and therefore are you all brothers and sisters—all connected to the First Source and Center through the Indwelling Spirit (Fragments) of the Universal Father.

Connecting the dots,

I AM Uteah

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