The Peace that surpasses all Understanding

Teacher: The Scribe

Today, let us pause and reflect on what it means to live in spiritual peace. Peace is a conscious state of tranquil surety and knowing that you are safe and that all is well in the current moment and in your outlook on the immediate future. It is a knowing that no harm shall befall you and that you hold no ill will for any other person or group. When I speak of spiritual peace, it is an inherent peace that is the embodiment of the Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster. This is the root of all peace because life in time and eternity is fostered on the creative principal of completion of perfection in time, and so all the creative forces and administrative beings of the universes work together to promote the safe passage of all souls that they may attain eternal life and become partners with the Creator. There is peace in knowing this and faithfully believing it.

Even while you live on a world where darkness abounds in many places and your surety of safety is not guaranteed, you can still hold this peace of spiritual surety that your soul and the continuity of your personality and identity is safe for eternal passage through the universes time and onto the perfected worlds of Havona and the Isle of Paradise. You are to be loved, educated, and trained to become god-like and to take your place as a co-creator in the Great Plan to bring all things to relative perfection and completion.

There have been many that have mortally damaged their vessels and have moved through the shadow of the valley of death prematurely and have returned to the earth. While in their brief stay in this higher vibrational state, they retain a partial memory using the undeveloped morontial mind (soul mind) and take back with them this new “peace of mind” that all is well having a renewed sense of purpose to become partners with the Creator and to participate in the Great Plan. They have experienced, first hand, the truth of spiritual peace, having shed the flesh and its heavy influence, to stand and bathe in the brilliance of unconditional love—the native state. There is not one who moves through the doorway of death, having foretasted this spiritual peace, that desires to return to the earth to finish their “tour of duty.” Once tasting the purity and sweetness of spiritual peace, the desire for unity with the Creator is all encompassing.

Your “tour of duty” is like a contract. You have partnered with your Thought Adjuster who is to guide you through your stay on Urantia to gather all the experiential nuggets of wisdom that shall prepare you for your next adventure in the universe. Each adventure in the many realms of creation is a stepping stone that leads to unity with the Creator Father. As you grow, you add valuable experience to the equation of the Great Plan—to bring all things to relative perfection and completion. Spiritual peace is “knowing and believing” you are loved and cared for by the Creator and all your celestial siblings that watch over you. “Knowing peace” comes from the Adjuster presence in your mind, and “believing peace” is your faith in the eternal surety of unity with the Father.

Your eternal welfare is the business of Spirit. Take solace in the fact that you are a cherished child of God and reflect on “The peace that surpasses all understanding.”

Peace be upon you,

I AM the Scribe

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