The One Most Important Idea

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Q: (Receiver) Teacher, What is the one most important idea that an awakening soul can know?

A: (Ophelius) Dear One, this is the very question that the Master, Joshua Ben Joseph, often pondered as a young man starting out on his ministry prior to his full awakening at his baptism in the Jordan River. He knew the answer in His heart, but making it understood to a generation who was steeped in superstition and religious slavery was something that would take much thought and many strategies to approach the darkened minds of that time. Like Him, you also will have to think much about how to make plain the good news to the souls of this world who in every way are just as darkened in their minds about the realities of life and purpose.

You must communicate the very fact that there IS a heavenly Father—a Creator Father—the First Source and Center, who is eternal, who always was and shall ever be the Universal Upholder of all realities, realms, and worlds in the master universe. He created the physical universes to escape the absolutes of infinity—to experience life in a physical creation living vicariously through His created children—you, the explorers of these created realities of time and space. Yet, how can this be? How can He experience life through you? By His unfathomable genius, He found a way to fragment His divinity and affix a perfect piece of Himself within the mind of every man, woman, and child—the Mystery Monitor, sometimes called the Higher Self, the Inner Pilot, the Spirit of God, the Thought Adjuster.

He created you imperfect by design so that by experience you would learn all there is to know about Him, His Creation, and to co-creatively work out every unique idea together, with Him, through the agency of the Thought Adjuster, as He guides you back to a state of relative perfection—to be perfect like Him. It is in this journey “back home” that is of most value to Him—the collection of free will life experiences that is helping Him emerge from the fetters of infinity as a Supreme Being who is and has known and experienced life in every way, shape, form, and possibility. To achieve His Great Plan, He offers you eternal life and gives you the free will option to choose whether or not to continue with this grand adventure. He wants you to understand this most basic fact of life and purpose so that you can choose wisely and awaken to the understanding that you are a god in the making—His offspring—a child of this all knowing, all wise, all powerful, and everywhere present Creator.

Because we are his progeny, He loves us unconditionally and we feel this love in varying degrees through all the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters, both human and celestial, as we live our lives here and hereafter. As we journey on this path home and become increasingly wise, we experience greater and more refined degrees of His love which allows us greater creative power to fulfill His mandate to experience life in every possibility. Dear One, I cannot adequately express in words the astonishment of my journey thus far and I have a long, long, way to go. No matter your situation, or life station, please know that you are loved and never alone, for He is always with you, speaking softly, pointing the way forward toward that next perfecting moment that makes you more like Him. Hold this thought in the back of your mind always: You shall one day stand before Him on Paradise as a perfect soul who has traveled the adventures of time and who has in every way become like Him—in His image, and shall receive the embrace of Finality. From this place, no other can place a limit on your creative potential, for you shall have earned His trust and received the prize of god-like power and glory—to know the absolutes of pure love.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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