The Network of Activated Souls

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Dear One, there are many more “activated souls” in the world than those who already believe they have come here to participate in the transformation of human consciousness on Urantia. Many are unaware that they are a part of a network of human vessels whose Thought Adjusters (TAs) have planned, long before their birth, to participate in the Father’s Great Plan to bring Urantia into the fold of enlightened planets. Not only is the prep work being done by the God Fragments in the minds of men and women, but also by the planetary management via the Correcting Time and with Urantia (Gaia) Herself who is undergoing a steady metamorphosis to anchor and facilitate the energies needed for this elevation of human consciousness.

This elevation in consciousness is not a magic spell that will cure all the ills (left by the rebellion) that have been created over the course of human history on this planet, but rather it will be a medium for which the TAs can operate more efficiently in the human mind to communicate and guide their human subjects into making more “weighty” decisions about their life and how they operate together with their fellows—and this will remain completely voluntary to all souls—many will still reject the leading of their TAs but will do it with more deliberate accountability. This is already happening with the First and Second Wave Souls who are here to initiate and guide, on a more conscious level, the wave of change that is presently building up to a threshold of sorts that shall “spill over” onto other groups of souls who are becoming ready to participate.

Those of you who consider yourselves “Universe Citizens” are encouraged to take a more active role in this transformation and spend more time in stillness and in communion with your TAs—to “listen” with the heart to the surf of changing consciousness. These periods of stillness will not only prepare you mentally, but shall allow the energetic changes in the subtle fields to assimilate more gradually with the changing earth frequencies. This is all a very delicate and divine “dance” to coordinate all the needed pieces to bring about the Great Plan for the redemption of Urantia.

Change begins when you decide to do something different from your usual routine of daily living no matter what that is! Take the long way home—go for a walk in the park—join a group of other souls interested in some form of truth, beauty, or goodness. It is in these fortuitous interactions with others where tremendous growth can occur and where positive change begins. Become actively conscious that you are a part of this glorious transformation. When you begin to think this way, your TA can more easily guide you and move you into the network of activated souls ready to transform the world into that more perfected idea the Father has for Urantia. Every decision to make a positive change brings your consciousness one nth degree closer in alignment with the Will of the Creator. This, dear one, is active participation in the Great Plan—the ascension plan realized at the planetary level.

I AM that you are.

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