The Monkey Handcuff

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is for all the people of the earth. Though you may feel divided and separated from other people by sex, race, culture, religion, politics, social class, or national identity, you are, none the less, the people of planet earth, and you have more in common than you do realize. As viewed from above—from the higher planes of the ascending worlds of time, which you shall one day experience for yourselves, your planet stands out as one that is most unusual, unique, dangerous, confused, beautiful, and the most interesting of all worlds in all the local universe—the one planet chosen to be host to the bestowal of the Creator Son. Only one inhabited planet in 10 million worlds can claim such distinction, and yet most of you go about your lives unaware of the potential you have to make a tremendous contribution to the growth of your souls and to the Great Plan to transform this confused world into the jewel of the universe.

Each one of you is indwelled by a fragment of the Creator, which in and of itself, gives you a unique common bond that inspires and expresses the Will of this Creator continually to your minds, yet you only have to listen with the heart to hear it. If there is only one thing you may understand about life on your world, please understand this fact. When you choose to separate yourselves by the divisions of worldly identities you lose sight of your common heritage and you suffer from the self-inflicted wounds of hatred and bigotry because of your differences.

The Creator Father is continually creating and exploring new ideas and expressing these ideas to His children (you) and He does this with the intention that within the diversity of life on each world, a truly unique idea may be expressed and a new experience is born. You are the “experiencers” and diversity is your strength, dear friends, not your enemy. Is it not greater to view a problem from many sides than to only see it from one viewpoint?

Unity of purpose is strength, diversity of mind is creative. We observe, time and again, that when men and women are thrust into a situation of disaster, they soon forget about their worldly divisions and come together to help one another—to survive, to be free of suffering, and to rebuild their lives from the rubble of disaster. In that moment when you are standing in the rubble or the waters of disaster, you are equal. Brotherhood and love shines through the outer coverings and the true intention of the Creator begins to express itself having a clear path to the heart. This same spirit of brotherhood and love can be realized without the disasters of time to awaken the heart, and it can be realized when you focus your attention on the things you share in common. Do you not all desire to be loved? Do you not all desire to grow and find purpose in life? Do you not all love your children? Do you not all desire to live in peace and safety?

The problem you still have is that you do not all desire equality. This is the plague of mankind—the idea that one must have not so that the other can have. You are enslaved by the “monkey handcuff.” A monkey will reach into a small hole to grab a banana, but cannot free his hand with the fruit in it and so he is bound to the device which prevents him from eating the fruit—he refuses to let go of the banana. His greed to have the fruit is greater than his need for freedom.

Let go of the fruit, my friends, and use your diversity to free yourselves. First work together with the values that you hold in common—the differences can then be worked out for the greater good.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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