The Many Degrees of Higher Love

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Continuing with our theme on Higher Love, We would like to talk about some of the forms of this Higher Love, which can be experienced by those students on the path who are seeking to elevate their spiritual vibration and ascend their Psychic Circles while on earth. There are many “degrees” to which this Higher Love can be experienced as you ascend the universes. As you come closer to relative perfection, the more “pure” does this Higher Love reveal itself to your understanding until that day when you stand in Finality before the Creator Himself on Paradise—a near absolute value is experienced in that moment. You will “finally” know what “true” love is (Finality).

Because you are human having only five (physical) senses and a brain that operates mostly on emotion and tuned into the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits provided by the local universe Mother Spirit, you can only experience this Higher Love in a less pure state than those who have transitioned and are using more than five senses and tuned into the Cosmic mind. The exception being those students who are beginning to use the rudiments of morontia/cosmic mind—they may be able to experience a greater degree of this Higher Love and this is what we would like to talk about in more detail. Some of the ways humans can experience Higher Love is as follows:

Twin Flame Love – This is the spiritual/sexual form of love where all the senses come together to transmute the divine love of the Creator into this experiential form of love between two compliments of being. Using the term “Twin Flame” here means a non-exclusive partner who vibrates near or at the same spiritual frequency. Because of the similitude of understanding, there may be less conditions placed on authentic communication whereby they each can recognize the divinity in the other and express the highest form of human love possible while in a material body. In essence, their spiritual flames “burn” together in their desire to experience this Higher Love energy. This is one of the highest forms of spiritual communication between two souls.

Love of Kindred Spirits – This form of Higher Love is a synergistic energy that is shared in a group who is learning/teaching/expanding and exploring higher levels of god consciousness together. Much of your ascendant universe careers will involve this “group energy” consciousness as a tool for moving inward and growing into higher levels of awareness and god-like perfection. This is sometimes known as a “soul-group” or “soul family” and these groups become nested into larger and larger groups as their level of understanding and awareness (as a group) expands. The human counterpart to these “soul families” (learning together in groups) is the first developing stage to these more advanced soul-groups that will assemble when you reach the mansion worlds.

Direct Infusion Love – This form of Higher Love is received directly by the soul through the divine work of the Indwelling Spirit (Thought Adjuster) when “spiritizing” the mind. This occurs both consciously and super-consciously. Conscious infusion occurs when we are in stillness with God or in worship (soul-to-God communication). Super-conscious infusion happens during sleep or when the mind is open to receiving divine guidance and personal revelation—a willingness to grow by divine leading. The Indwelling Spirit is the Divine Operator who coordinates and transforms the values of life experience into spiritual wisdom which becomes the vehicle for soul progression via the expanding awareness and understanding of Higher Love. This form of Higher Love infusion happens to all Adjuster Indwelt humans, yet the rate of infusion is somewhat determined by human/Adjuster cooperation—Free will.

There are other more subtle forms and ways in which you can also experience Higher Love, for it is for you to discover through the heart—the path to these Love Treasures that bring you closer to god-like perfection.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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