The Ideal of the Mighty Oak

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 14 Aug 2016
Teacher: The Scribe
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Let us discuss the nature of the Indwelling Spirit—your Thought Adjuster (TA) and how this Fragment of the Universal Father operates within your mind. The TAs, because they are Father Fragments, replete in divinity perfection, created, trained, and assigned outside of time on Divinington, they must paradoxically operate within the temporal environment of time to be host to the evolutionary beings that they indwell. Their inherent purpose is to gather the free-will experiences of evolutionary creatures that have developed the capacity to know God—to nurture, develop, and spiritualize the embryonic soul of their host, to guide that which is imperfect on a path through Creation where the creature’s own experience becomes the tool of wisdom that transforms that creature into a perfected god-like child who can fully express the Will of Universal Father.

The TAs may be thought of as the Acorns (Seedpods) of a Mighty Oak Tree—the Universal Father being the Mighty Oak. Each Acorn is a connected and developing seed on a branch that contains all the attributes of the Mighty Oak and is nurtured, fed, and watered from the branch and is trained to become like the Mighty Oak when it is planted in the soil of time. The “soil of time” is the creature mind and the growing sapling is the soul of man. The fertility of the soil determines the path of development which insures a unique experience. Once the Acorn has descended to the soil of time, it instinctively sprouts roots in the soil and begins devising a plan to ensure the survival of the developing sapling that it reaches maturity—to become like the ancestral Mighty Oak.

The sapling receives instructions from the Seedpod on how to turn its frail and tiny branches and leaves into the sun—the light that sustains the life force of the sapling. The Seedpod also attempts to instruct the sapling on how to grow its roots in a way that can absorb the most nutrients from the soil. Rain is also needed to sustain the sapling, and this rain falls on every tree and sapling in the forest—it is the grace and providence of God.

As the sapling develops into a young tree, the Seedpod melds into the fabric of the tree and becomes one with it, yet the voice which was the seedpod now speaks from within the tree adjusting its instructions to the changing conditions of the soil (creature mind) and the elements of its surroundings (the worlds of time). The tree may grow its roots and branches in any way it chooses but may not always know how to optimize its growth to achieve the ancestral glory of the Mighty Oak. It is the still small voice of the Acorn now present within the tree that whispers the way toward this glorious ideal. It is the Mighty Oak (Father) that speaks through the Acorn (TA) that whispers into the tree (Man) that brings about the ideal of the Mighty Oak.

It is only when the young tree seeks the guidance of the indwelling Acorn, can it grow with optimal beauty and goodness and transform itself into the grand ideal of the Mighty Oak.

Peace to you young saplings,

I AM the Scribe

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