The Hope of the Ages

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

My dear friends, there are many of you who feel you have a sacred purpose in this world, who have awakened to the fact that you are a citizen of the universe and are no longer constrained by the limited thinking of separation. You feel a oneness with your brothers and sisters, no matter how deluded is their perception of reality—you see far above the illusions of this world and its politics. You have already made the faith choice to continue with your Thought Adjusters beyond this world—to step onto the path of eternal adventure and to answer the call of the Universal Father to “be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” You can imagine standing before His Majestic Presence on Paradise and receiving the embrace of finality. To those faith sons and daughters, I tell you, there is more to your journey in this world than what you can see or imagine.

By your faith and sense of sacred duty, you have become the conduits of the Father’s light in this world. Your faithful pilots—the wise and experienced Thought Adjusters have chosen you and many others to be this conduit of light and have prepared and strategically placed you all about this planet to become a network of paradise light. The Correcting Time plans cannot fully emerge from the darkness of idle minds steeped in the illusions of material and mechanistic thinking. You therefore have been “promoted” to the volunteer status of Paradise Light Bearers if you so allow yourself to be this conduit for the Father’s Presence in this world. By your very nature and Adjuster Indwelling, you shine a tremendous amount of paradise light into the darkened holdouts still present on your world. You are like a luminous virus infecting the sleeping children around you who have yet to awaken to the call of their Adjusters.

We admonish you to become aware of this potential within you and to ask and pray for more of this light to move through you. Be also aware that with this great light and power you are brought to the attention of those dark practitioners who search for the exceptionally bright souls and wish to disrupt the infection of light on this world. Fear not these dark ones and know that by their very effort to extinguish the light they bring upon themselves a diminution of their own dark power thus allowing more light into this world! “Those that have shall be given more—those that have not, even that which they have shall be taken away.” The Father “Wills” that this planet is to emerge from the strongholds of darkness, and you, my dear friends, are the hope of the ages.

Your Thought Adjuster is continually communicating with all other Thought Adjusters and with the Chief of Adjusters on Urantia. It is a coordinated effort which is dynamically changing moment to moment—a network for which you are a partner too. Because the Adjusters are bound by the free will decisions of their hosts, you—those who believe without seeing, have the ability to directly influence those disconnected souls of this world by your words and actions. The light that you hold is magnetic and will continue to attract more and more souls. Be therefore prudent in your conduct and in your awareness of this sacred network of light bearers.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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