The Great Plan – Life and Purpose

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

This is a message to all the people of the Earth, for it matters not that you are man, woman, child, religionist, or secularist—all who have ears to hear, let them listen. All that you see around you—the room in which you are in—the floor, the chair, the table—the yard where your children play—the sky, the trees, the grass—the stars you gaze up at in the night sky—this is all a part of your reality born from an infinite and eternal Super Intelligence—the Primal Cause—that which created all life and all matter in the universe—everything that “IS”—the One you call “God.”

This God is the original parent and pattern for all realities and living beings both physical and spiritual. God is the Original Personality, for all other personalities could not exist for were it not for the First Personality to create there from. There was none before Him; He is First Father, paternal and eternal. God is perfect—He has all knowledge, is all wise, all powerful, and everywhere present. God is Spirit.

Because of His Perfection and totality unto Himself, this God desires to know and explore Himself in ways that cannot be dimensioned by his timeless perfection, and so in the past eternity moment, from the unseen potential, God brought into existence the finite universes and set in motion all matter and material as the theatre for His desire to have experience, for experience is the one and only thing this Perfect Being does not possess in totality.

You, the people of Earth, who go to and fro, living life, raising children, working, inventing, discovering, exploring the vastness of your world and the relationships with other personalities, are the living “experiencers” that fulfill the desire of the Creator to have “all experience.” How then does this God experience life in the universe? He monitors your experiences by giving you a fragment of Himself (a pre-personal spirit) some call the Indwelling Spirit, the Oversoul, or the Father’s Presence—a Mystery Monitor to live in your mind.

You were all made imperfect intentionally by His perfect plan and designed that way so that you would evolve and grow more perfect through experience. The Father’s Presence that lives within you is there to guide you through the universes of time back into His presence in perfection—“Be you perfect as I AM perfect.” Because you are His Children and a part of Himself, it is His intention to grant you eternal life should you decide to continue on with the experience, for that is your purpose—to be the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of Him in your realm wherever you find yourself in the multiverse.

Since you cannot become perfected in your short terrestrial lives on the worlds of time and space, God has a plan for the continuance of your autonomous identity and consciousness beyond this world and into higher realms where you can experience new and greater things. As you grow more perfect—like the Creator, you are given greater capabilities to manipulate universe energy and your mind and consciousness is expanded to comprehend the sublime and astonishing experiences as you ascend toward perfection. This is the “stick and carrot” approach that drives the experiential engine of the universe—perfection hunger.

His Great Plan for the children of time is that they would become perfect by learning and experiencing greater levels of divine love. Love is the condition for which all consciousness develops and evolves toward perfection, for without love there is no forward movement—no life. What you understand of love now in your earth lives is only the very rudiments of divine love which will expand with your ascension toward perfection.

You are loved “full strength” by God, yet you only comprehend a very small part of that love. As you explore your lives and diversify your experiences, keep in mind this Great Plan, my friends, and open yourselves up to experiencing greater levels of love in this world, which will carry you over into the worlds of light where you shall continue a deeper exploration of that love. See yourselves as explorers who are just starting out on a great adventure. You are citizens of the universe and it is time for you to grow up and see life as a continuum that spans eternity. How truly blessed you are—all you souls of the Earth.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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