The Great "AH-HA"

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today I will speak about the great AH-HA.  What do I mean by this?  The great AH-HA are those moments in your life where you suddenly understand some great meaning that you may have heard before, yet these previous encounters with truth only bounced off the surface of your mind, or had a shallow landing because it was knowledge that was not needed at that particular time in your life.  The AH-HA moment is an experience and not just a piece of information presented to the mind.  Once experienced, the AH-HA moment becomes a pre-wisdom of sorts, because you have had an experience of understanding, and from that time forward it is at your disposal to use in any life situation that calls for it.

Learning certain truths and acquiring information that unlocks the Inner Spirit and allows life and creativity to flow would be counter-parted by the Indwelling Spirit for eternal keeping.  The AH-HA moments and other valuable life lessons are retained and become a part of the growing soul which can never be forgotten and will be used to cultivate other survival value experiences in this life and hereafter.  Each survival value moment and experience builds upon another and soul growth becomes exponential—the accumulation of what some would call, the things in life that matter most.

Often times when the human makes a choice to embrace his or her spiritual nature, a process of self-mastery and self-discovery ensues.  You begin to recognize the imperfection in yourself and develop a desire to improve and have control over some unattractive personality trait.  In the course of this motivation to improve one's self, opportunities and information are put in your path to help and teach you how to overcome the imperfection.  This is when the AH-HA moment comes—an illumination of truth and a realization of self that removes a barrier to peace, harmony, and flow.  Once the threshold of this discovery has been crossed, it is there to feed you as you battle the behaviors born out of fear, selfishness, judgment, and ego pride.

It is the supreme guidance of the Indwelling Spirit that illuminates the mind when you are prepared to receive knowledge that will foster soul growth and perpetuate progress. You may think of it as a transaction between the mind and the soul and the Indwelling Spirit as the clerk that shows you the merchandise that will benefit you most.  Sometimes the cost is high, but the return on investment is exponential and will continue to earn interest far into the future.  Be mindful of these precious AH-HA moments and acknowledge the actions of Spirit that led you to understand the information that grows into perfection and those tools that become a part of your arsenal that you may use to teach and lead others.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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