The Feeling Network

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about feeling. What does it mean to feel? In this context, we are speaking about your ability to reach out through the mind on the mental plane and to sense what is around you and to be more aware of the emotional and mental state of your neighbor, your community, your nation, and your world—to become aware of the feelings of humanity as a whole.

This is what happens when a planet enters the age of Light and Life, it begins to wake up and to feel with deeper regard for all things and beings.  It is an enhanced sensory perception that starts out small, with a few individuals, begins to build, and then with help from the Creator, it blossoms into a shift in consciousness.  Right now, in this year of 2012, your planet is in the building stage and it is very important for you students on the path to be aware of this stage and to continue to feed it.

Mother Urantia is also in this building stage and she is transitioning as well as are you, for you are connected to her much more than you realize.  Her neural network is undergoing a transformation—a hardware like upgrade to support the new software that will become the new consciousness of humanity.  Many will not notice this shift in the outer world, for the eyes are not attuned to these new frequencies, but you my friends will feel it in the inner world, and what is within will eventually manifest in the outer world.

How do you begin tapping into this new neural network?  By making a habit of being self-conscious of your consciousness.  Stop your busy minds for a moment and reach out through the mind and notice how others feel, how they act, and how they react.  Start to pray silently for each one of your brothers and sisters in your circles and connect with the Creator and asked that they be awakened  and connected to the new frequencies that are coming on-line.  Pray for the sick and needy and do this continuously throughout your day as much as you can be aware of it.

When this process of searching out with the mind, feeling, and praying becomes second nature to you, and to all others who are aware, this neural network grows and connects to more and more people—the disconnected parts of the whole.  It is the circuit of the Holy Spirit that supplies the energy for this network to grow, in partnership with you, by you allowing this spirit to operate through your conscious decision to feel for the disconnected parts of the whole.

This is how we get from here to there and this is how a planet makes the transition from barbarism to Light and Life.  Social change is the outward manifestation of this new feeling network, for it is building in groups and nations, yet are they still fragmented, but soon, very soon will these islands of awareness begin to connect with the others—a truly exciting time to be alive on Urantia.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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