The End of Separation

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about retrospection—to take a look back and review the past year and acknowledge where you have been, how you have grown, the lessons you have learned, and what areas of your personality you need to work on to move into a new year of new beginnings and fresh starts.  This, my friends, should be a healthy evaluation (not self-loathing or criticism) and something you should be completely honest about with the intention of true self-improvement that is not only good for you, but good for those in your life circles.  This is also a good time for reviewing goal attainments and setting new goals that will work together to move you forward while you spread the light of love in the world.

A healthy young tree reaches for the light stretching its limbs upward and outward to fill every cell in every leaf with nourishing light while waiting in faith on the right amount of rain to sustain its life and foster its growth.  So it is with you students on the path—you reach for the light without looking down, and by faith you live in hope and expectancy of greater days ahead where you seek for those goals you have in faith declared to the universe to come into reality.   If these goals have not come into reality, as you so desired, then it is healthy to look back in retrospection to re-evaluate and plan for improvement to get you back on track and moving forward again.

Regrets are futile—you cannot change the past, you can only change the future, and so you must let go of past failures and forgive yourself and others and accept the past as a life lesson and move forward.  Moving forward requires taking responsibility for your life and your actions, and only by acknowledging this objectively can you actively change the way you think.  Changing the way you think has a transformational effect on everything in your life—your relationships with others and the development of self-awareness—how you see yourself in the world.

Self-awareness is the key to measuring growth and transforming habitual thinking.  Being aware of your faults and failures in a healthy way is necessary to have mastery over the ego and to keep in-check those personality flaws that separate you from shining your light in the world.  Spending time in meditative contemplation loving the wounded child (the self) and stepping into the role of the wise parent will direct your thoughts toward self-improvement.  Asking for help from your guides and guardians, from God or from spirit will allow you to release your fears and live in faith knowing that as you move forward in love and good intent, new opportunities will manifest pointing the way toward your desired goals.

The ultimate goal, my friends, is to develop a real personal relationship with spirit—to have a greater understanding of God and His Spirit that indwells you—to know that you are a child of the Creator and that you have the gift of eternal life should you accept it.  Acknowledging your sonship with God is the end of separation and the beginning of unity with spirit.  Unity of spirit fosters brotherhood and goodwill in the world.  Discover this unity in retrospection of your imperfections and you will move beyond the self-imposed limitations of your ego and the dysfunctions of your past.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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